3 Reasons Why Cannabis Makes You Anxious Though It Works Well For Others


Hemp is applauded for its anti-anxiety properties. In fact, several studies show that it can be useful for the treatment of a wide range of anxiety disorders. Then why is it that for some people, consuming cannabis can be a more anxiety-inducing experience? Even though for others, it calms down their mood and relieves stress.

You can accuse tetrahydrocannabinol here. This is the cannabinoid found in cannabis that causes anxiety. Though THC has an arsenal full of medicinal properties, it also is psychoactive. Meanwhile the CBD found in hemp is a strong anxiolytic agent. It is not common of people to experience anxiety after cannabis consumption. However, some people may struggle with this negative side effect.

Here are some reasons that explain why cannabis can cause anxiety:

1 – Dosage

The first and foremost factor that counts is the dosage of cannabis you consume. If you consume weed in lower doses, you are likely to experience positive effects on your anxiety levels. However, higher doses of THC can worsen anxiety in people who have it or cause it in those who don’t.

This is why you must always be careful about how much you ingest. While smoking pot many inexperienced people overdose because they are unable to measure. Hence, cannabis tinctures are a better option. Novice cannabis users are at higher risk of overdosing and experiencing anxiety.

2 – Brain Reaction

The THC in cannabis interacts with the region of the brain that controls the flight and fight response. Called the amygdala, higher doses of THC can induce anxiety by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors there.

This anxiety response can leave one in a state of fear and stress which can range from mild to intense. Preclinical models show that tetrahydrocannabinol, when consumed in lower doses, doesn’t have this kind of an impact.

3 – Genetics

The third factor that also determines how the content of THC in cannabis works for you are your genetics. Studies have found that people who have an altered AKT1 gene tend to experience an adverse influence.

They have hallucinations, paranoia, and anxiety by taking cannabis. Scientists at the University of Exeter and University College London performed this study. The 442 participants involved didn’t otherwise struggle with any health issues.

4 – Setting

The setting you are in can also play a role in how cannabis affects you. For instance, if you take weed before going to the stage you may experience more anxiety. This stands true for most of those who already have anxiety when standing on stages.

However, if your environment is calming, say you are in your room at night, the effect may be positive. Based on your setting, cannabis can either curb stress or trigger it. Therefore, when smoking pot be careful about where you are too.

Cannabis-induced anxiety varies from one person to another. It comes with symptoms such as tremors, and paranoia. Sufferers may experience fear for no apparent reason and find their body trembling. They may also have a racing heart as in case of cannabis caused anxiety, the heart beats 40 more beats per minute. This symptom should subside within two hours.


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