4 Reasons To Choose Other Methods Of Cannabis Consumption Over Smoking


With the recreational use of marijuana slowly being legalized in the United States, the time when people on the streets start smoking joints fearlessly is not far. But are we harming our health, rather than helping it when we light rolled up joints?

The FDA is already skeptical of cannabis; it says there’s much more yet to know about the plant. This means there’s a possibility of unexplored risks that are not being acknowledged as much as the herb is being advertised.

Though research on the risks associated with cannabis smoking is limited, evidence that shows the herb as one that can improve health is also scarce. Worry not though, you can skip smoking cannabis and still consume it.

The past few years have proved there is more than one way of intaking marijuana from trying out capsules to munching on edibles. That being said, here are 5 reasons it’s a better idea to consume cannabis in a way other than smoking it:

1 – It can damage your lungs

Marijuana smoke is inhaled as the herb material burns quickly. This smoke contains several carcinogens and other toxic chemicals. These can damage your lungs. The harm is more evident in those who are also nicotine smokers.

Some experts suggest that cannabis smoking comes with a higher risk of lung cancer as it takes lungs to the precancer stage. It also causes respiratory problems including inflammation in the area, coughing, and wheezing. Some people also experience trouble breathing.

2 – It comes with risk of testicular cancer

Chronic cannabis smokers are at a higher risk of developing testicular cancer. Several studies have suggested that compared to nonsmokers, cannabis smokers have a higher risk of developing this type of cancer.

One latest report on the subject says that cannabis smokers have a 36% higher risk of developing testicular cancer. The Journal of the American Medical Association has published this study.

3 – It can cause anxiety in some people

While many people claim that cannabis smoking relieves them of stress and anxiety, some also say that it makes them overly anxious. There’s a scientific explanation behind this. One side effect of cannabis smoking is an increased heart rate.

Basically, cannabis sends more blood to your brain which makes it fuzzy. As your brain gets more blood, your heart is deprived of it which is why it beats harder. This is why some people clutch their chests as if having panic attacks and have more anxious thoughts following a session of smoking cannabis.

4 – It causes cognitive impairment

Scientists’ taken scans are proof that marijuana smoking can cause changes in the flow of blood to areas of the brain that are linked to attention and memory. In the hours after smoking cannabis, people struggle with loss of balance and coordination.

They also have random thoughts. Cannabis smoking can lower your focus and impair your memory. It also negatively affects learning ability. Furthermore, it brings a higher risk of schizophrenia for those who already have a family history of the ailment.


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