5 Essential Oils You Can Pair With CBD Oil For More Benefits


Whether used topically, sniffed or ingested, essential oils work well with cannabidiol oil. They double the benefits and offer better healing. Now there are several essential oils out there from peppermint oil to jasmine essential oil. Many of these can be take together with CBD oil. Which mix you should try depends on what factors of your health you want to improve.

Either way, here’s a list of 5 essential oils that pair well with CBD oil. We’ve also discussed what benefits you can get from these combinations:

1 – Lavender oil

Cannabidiol oil is known for its benefit of improving sleep. It doesn’t only improve sleep quality, but duration as well. For a long time, lavender oil has also served this purpose. It relaxes and relieves stress along with improving sleep. CBD and this essential oil make a good combination. Apart from helping with sleep, both are also known for their skin-profiting qualities such as fighting eczema. Apart from all these pros, there’s also the fragrance which is delightfully pleasant.

2 – Bergamot oil

This essential oil comes from the bergamot orange and has a citrus smell. Like cannabidiol, it too has anti-anxiety properties. Bergamot oil boosts mood as well. If you’re looking for rapid relief from anxiety, you can mix the two together. Just topically apply some bergamot oil to your pulse points. Then use some CBD oil sublingually for long-lasting relief.  You can also vape CBD along with sniffing on this essential oil.

3 – Lemon oil

Here’s another essential oil that blends well with cannabidiol. Lemon essential oil with cannabidiol gives you a boost of energy. The combination also improves your mood. Lemon oil is one of those few essential oils which can be consumed orally. You can add a few drops of lemon oil to your CBD tincture and start off your day all fresh. This way, you can feel rejuvenated by taking a natural route which also is super convenient since lemon oil can be ingested.

4 – Peppermint oil

Studies show that peppermint oil can be a good home remedy for indigestion. It can reduce the severity and frequency of abdominal pain. It can also reduce nausea and vomiting. Guess which other ingredient can help in the same way? You guessed it right, CBD oil can. CBD gives relief from gastrointestinal discomfort by curbing inflammation. You can take peppermint tea with some drops of CBD oil for improving digestive health.

5 – Coconut oil

Both CBD oil and coconut oil are a hit in the wellness industry these days. They have some similar features as both can reduce inflammation, improve digestion, supercharge energy, and improve skin health. They are both also anti-bacterial. Their lone benefits are also pretty awesome. So, they can be taken together for reaping several benefits. Coconut oil also happens to boost the absorption of CBD oil, so this is one pairing worth trying.


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