5 Negative Side Effects Of CBD Oil You Should Know About


CBD oil is the talk of the town these days. It can improve your mood, relieve you of pain, and help you sleep better. In fact, it can also help with several ailments from arthritis, and eczema to epilepsy, and more. But does the miracle drug come with any negative side effects or is it all good? Unlike THC, cannabidiol surely doesn’t have any psychoactive properties. However, it does have some adverse side effects. Let’s talk about these below:

1 – It may cause diarrhea

CBD oil can cause diarrhea and nausea in some people. Though it can heal stomach ulcers and treat acid reflux, it can also cause gastrointestinal problems. However, it can be that your CBD oil is causing diarrhea because of the particular product you are using.

In case you experience a negative effect on your digestive health by using cannabidiol oil, stop use for a day or two. This will help you determine if it’s the supplement or something else that stands at the root of the problem. When you restart use, do so with half a dose. If you still get the same results, consider changing your supplier.

2 – It can cause drowsiness

Cannabidiol oil is known for being a helpful sleep aid. Now this benefit of the oil can also have a drawback if it’s taken in huge amounts. Basically, consuming low doses of CBD oil can make you more alert as per a study on rats.

However, in larger doses it can bring on sleepiness or drowsiness. However, there are mixed studies on this. Some reports also say that CBD promotes wakefulness in the daylight hours.

3 – It lowers blood pressure

For patients of blood pressure, CBD’s ability of reducing blood pressure is actually good news. However, in some cases blood pressure levels can drop too low which is also a problem. Low blood pressure can cause dizziness and weakness. It may also reduce blood supply to organs.

Typically, full spectrum CBD oil is what causes a substantial reduction in blood pressure markers. This is because apart from CBD, THC is another component in it which also has blood pressure lowering properties.

4 – It can change your appetite

For some folks, CBD can work well to trigger weight loss. This is because it can boost metabolic activity as well as convert white fat into brown fat. It can cause loss of appetite as well. While this is good for people looking to lose weight, it’s not good news for those who want to gain weight.

Interestingly, some research works also show that CBD can cause an increase in appetite. Now this can be problematic for those who are looking to drop some pounds.

5 – It can cause your mouth to become dry

No one enjoys the feeling of a dry mouth. When you consume CBD oil though, you may be left with an unpleasant dry mouth. This, like other negative side effects, doesn’t last for long. So bear with this minor adverse effect to gain the multitude of positive effects.

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