6 Things You Can Do If You Overdose On Cannabis


Sometimes you can overdose on cannabis because of having a low tolerance for it. Other times, it is because you don’t realize you just overdosed on it and the effects show up three hours later. Whatever the reason behind it, the experience can be pretty unpleasant. However, fear not; we have six tips that can help you recover faster:

1 – Don’t Panic

The first and foremost thing to bear in mind is to not panic. In the occurrence of a cannabis overdose, you are likely to sweat a lot. However, no reports claim that you can visit afterlife in the aftermath of a hemp overdose. The symptoms that you’re going to feel are sure to go away within a few hours, maximum. You may still feel a little groggy afterward but that is also not going to last.

2 – Hydrate Yourself

Make sure you have water or juice sitting beside you in the case of a cannabis overdose. Hydrating yourself will ensure that your mouth doesn’t get too dry and that you can focus on drinking rather than on the symptoms that you are feeling. Do not drink alcohol because that can make THC blood concentrations increase. Chew on fruits or nuts if you want.

3 – Sniff Black Pepper

A simple ingredient, which can be found in your kitchen, can be useful if the situation of a cannabis overdose arises. Many people feel paranoia or anxiety as a negative side effect of too much hemp. Chewing on or sniffing some black peppercorns, not powder, can help you here. It can actually provide instant results.

4 – Rest Some

Like in the case of an alcohol overdose, you should take some rest if you go through a cannabis overdose. You are going to feel uncomfortable and a good way to relieve yourself is by taking in deep breaths. Try relaxing, sleeping even but for many people sleeping gets difficult in such a scenario because their brain is overactive.

5 – Shower Or Bath

Another way to calm yourself is by taking a shower or a bath. A hot water bath can release some muscle tension, whereas a cold bath can wake you up. Set the temperature to your preference and try to relax when under the water. This way, you’ll feel somewhat better about your condition and even smell better, which will definitely make you feel more pleasant.

6 – Take A Walk

You can also take in some fresh air which will make your blood circulation better. However, if your head is feeling too foggy, better let this option be. Moreover, never take a walk at a place far off if you are feeling paranoid or anxious; you don’t want to get lost in this distracted state. The best option for walking is to do it in your house’s lawn or courtyard.

To sum up, try talking a walk, shower, rest, and stay hydrated. Above all, do not panic. If you end up feeling anxious or nauseous, sniff or chew on some black peppercorns. And don’t forget to stay in a safe place.


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