Can CBD Help With Your Autumn Anxiety?


There are people who enjoy the crunch of crisp, autumn leaves and then those who feel resigned over the end of summer. They dread the change in the weather, the wrapping up of a summer well-spent. Or it’s not the end of the sunny season but the beginning of cold and harsh winter days that leaves them worried.

Either way, if there’s a yearly pattern to such negative feelings, autumn anxiety can be the culprit. To beat this type of anxiety, your first move should be to soak in more sunlight. Next, you should exercise more as it can give a good boost to your mental health. Is there anything more that you can do about autumn anxiety? Perhaps the use of CBD can help.

Cannabidiol – How It Works

Cannabis extract, aka CBD, can reduce anxiety as proven by multiple researches. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse cannabidiol has reduced signs of general anxiety disorder in rats. So, can the herbal component be good for alleviating autumn anxiety? Let’s see how it can help:

1 – Reduces anxiety and stress

Cannabidiol has anti-anxiety properties. It has a calming effect which is why it can work well in combating stress. However, to get the anti-anxiety benefits out of CBD make sure you dose it right.

2 – Improves sleep

By making use of cannabidiol, you will be able to fall sleep faster. Moreover, your sleep duration will also be longer. Keep in mind though that CBD can have a hangover like effect when you wake up so take it in small amounts.

3 – Ups energy levels

CBD might give you a good nighttime sleep, but it promotes morning wakefulness. A CNS and Neurological Disorders journal report showed that CBD can increase your energy.

4 – Decreases appetite

If stress is leading you to eat more than you normally do, CBD can help curb your appetite. It also promotes better metabolic activity unlike THC that causes hunger.

5 – Increases focus

Some researches show that CBD can also sharpen your cognitive abilities. If your concentration is low because you are feeling anxious, CBD may be able to help you with that.

Therefore, CBD combats many of the symptoms of autumn anxiety. It improves sleep at nighttime and promotes morning wakefulness. It reduces fatigue and promotes a good mood, in turn, lowering irritability. However, keep in mind that there is no research that has been conducted specifically on CBD’s effect on autumn anxiety.

A Word Of Caution

Though CBD does hold potential to reduce the effects of anxiety, it does not work for some people. There can be several reasons behind this. Moreover, if you are not an adult, do not use cannabis. This is because the plant doesn’t have positive effects on the developing brain.

Cannabis use in adolescents can cause anxiety and other behavioral disorders in adulthood. CBD oil in general is considered safe. Make sure that you use the right strain to get the most out of your cannabidiol product. Choose a delivery mode that is not harmful and suits your preference too.


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