How Does Medical Cannabis Help Arthritic Patients?


About 350 million people suffer from arthritis. Mostly non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used as a treatment option. However, using these over a long period of time comes with serious negative side effects. This is why it is recommended to go for home remedies and other natural alternatives. One herb that is gaining attention as an effective worthwhile treatment of arthritis is cannabis.

Though research on whether medical marijuana can be used for arthritis is limited, the little evidence that is available is promising. In 2006, cannabis was first used for treating rheumatoid arthritis. A 2018 report concluded that cannabinoids can alleviate the pain associated to osteoarthritis. Furthermore, a recent CreakyJoints survey found that many arthritis patients used cannabis for their symptoms. Of these, 90% called it effective.

Cannabinoids Interact With CB1 And CB2 Receptors

Cannabis contains over a hundred cannabinoids that interact with the natural endocannabinoid system of the body. The ECS system basically has cannabinoid receptors and cannabinoids such as CBD and THC work with CB1 and CB2 receptors. This way, they influence the mood, pain, sleep, and other functions of the body. Here are some ways cannabis impacts the endocannabinoid system of the body and reduces symptoms linked to arthritis:

1 – Pain Relief

The journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine published a research that said that medical cannabis can replace opioids for pain relief. Many other studies also show that cannabis is an effective remedy for eliminating chronic pain and swelling.

2 – Sleep Aid

A Canadian Medical Association journal research found that cannabis can help arthritic patients sleep better by reducing pain intensity. This aligns with other studies that say that medical pot use can help with sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia.

3 – Reduces Swelling

Some studies show that the cannabidiol can reduce swelling in the joints. It can also reduce pain related to joint swelling. The best part is that cannabis is a relatively safe treatment option which means it doesn’t come with negative side effects.

4 – Enables Mobility

Arthritis can hamper mobility by causing joint stiffness. Cannabis can improve focus by effecting cognitive abilities. It can also make one feel more energetic and has an anti-inflammatory nature. Thanks to these helpful features, cannabis can improve mobility.

The Strain Of Cannabis You Use Matters

When it comes to cannabis use, you have to make a choice between the different strains of the herb available. For instance, there are Indica and Sativa strains. For arthritis and the particular symptoms that you have, consult your doctor regarding which strain you should go for. Keep in mind that cannabis as a treatment for arthritis may or may not work for you. Some people may experience adverse side effects as well.

Summing Up

Cannabis can be helpful for arthritis treatment as per research. It can improve sleep in arthritic patients, reduce joint pain and swelling as well as improve mobility. Make sure you use the right strain of cannabis for your arthritis treatment. Also, while cannabis works for most, it doesn’t suit some.


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