How To Tell Your CBD Oil Has Gone Bad?


Like milk and most other products, your cannabidiol oil does also go bad. It doesn’t happen in a short span though as the typical shelf life of CBD oil is 12 to 24 months.

Your cannabidiol oil can also last longer if you store it properly, away from direct heat and sunlight. But how do you know that your CBD oil has gone bad? It’s not all that tough to tell. You don’t need a microscope to identify expired CBD oil.

Texture and color

The first and most obvious way of knowing that CBD oil has gone bad is by looking at its texture. If the CBD oil looks murky or foggy, it has probably gone bad. Basically, the chemical compounds in the oil separate which is what leads to such a texture.

However, note that sometimes when you refrigerate your CBD oil for a long time its texture thickens. When you take it out of the fridge, you may find the texture somewhat foggy. This doesn’t mean that the oil has gone bad. You just have to run the bottle through hot water for the oil to return back to normal.

You will also notice that the color of the oil has changed which is another indication that it has gone bad and is no more usable.

Smell and taste

While it wouldn’t come to this since you’ll simply be able to look at the oil and tell that it has gone bad, smell and taste are two senses that can tell that CBD oil has expired. The taste of the CBD oil would be foul, and the smell would be rancid if it is expired.

What If You Consume Bad CBD Oil?

It happens a lot of times that we consume a product that has expired because we don’t notice the difference until after we’ve took it. If you happen to take CBD oil after it has gone bad, don’t worry. You are not going to face any dangerous reactions. CBD oil doesn’t become harmful after going bad. It merely loses its potency. This means it becomes less effective.

How To Preserve CBD Oil?

You can properly store cannabidiol oil to make sure that it lives its longest. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Prevent contamination by taking the oil with a spoon and avoid mixing of air, toxins, and other contents
  • You can keep CBD oil in a cool and dark place which is away from sunlight or another heat source

Sum Up

CBD oil goes bad after a particular time. To know whether it has gone bad or not, you simply have to look at its texture. If the texture is foggy, the oil has likely gone bad. The color also tells if the CBD oil has gone bad. Furthermore, the rancid smell of the oil and its foul taste are also giveaways that it has expired. While expired CBD oil is ineffective, it is not harmful.


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