New Study – Parents Cannabis Use Influences Children To Use The Substance Too


Marijuana use is becoming more mainstream by the minute. The drug is believed to come with miraculous health benefits – from reducing chronic pain to relieving stress. And this is just the tip  of the iceberg. Some advocates believe that cannabis can help with major ailments as well owing to the therapeutic cannabinoids contained in it.

However, authorities and doctors are concerned. The FDA thinks that there are negative side effects of the plant which haven’t been found yet. Some research already shows that chronic cannabis use comes with the risk of certain cancers, respiratory diseases as well as psychological ailments and cognitive decline.

The herb though, is particularly dangerous for some groups of people including young adults. Unfortunately, if parents are using cannabis in the house, their children are highly likely of following in their footsteps. This is as per a new research that the JAMA Network Open has published. Researchers of this study have emphasized how important it is for parents to consider this.

It is especially important in this time and age since cannabis is quickly becoming popular as well as legal in many states of America. Let’s dive into this research work below.

A Risk Factor For Substance Abuse Among Children

For the purpose of this study, scientists looked at the data from the National Surveys on Drug Use and Health between the years 2015 to 2018. The information covered 24,900 parent-children pairs. Findings showed that parents’ consistent use of marijuana in the past year shared a link with the general risk of their children using marijuana, tobacco, alcohol and even opioids.

This study found that not only young adults, but adolescents were also influenced by their parents’ use of the substance. Bertha K. Madras, corresponding author of the study said, “Most surprising was that lifetime use of marijuana by parents, even if they did not use in the past year, conferred a higher risk for their children’s substance use.”

Interestingly, the influence of the mother was stronger than that of the father on children between the age of 12 to 17.

What This Means For Children’s Health And Parents

Even if the use of cannabis can benefit healthy adults in some areas, it is harmful for teenagers. Experts say people shouldn’t use weed before reaching 21 years of age. This is become the brain of adolescents is still developing with which the herb can interfere. Studies show that use of cannabis by young adults can up their risk of depression and suicide in adulthood.

There are several reasons that explain why children are affected by their parents use of cannabis. The primary reasons is easy accessibility. If parents use marijuana and they have it at home, children will find it conveniently. Secondly, if children notice their parents’ liberal attitude toward cannabis, they are more likely to try it for themselves.

Perhaps there is a need for parents to hide their use of cannabis from their children. This study shows how important it is for practitioners to make parents fully aware of how their marijuana use can impact their children and what it can do to them.


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