Why Are Some People Still Against The Medical Use Of Cannabis?


The popularity of medical marijuana is surging. Yet there are several people out there who prefer to keep their distance from the herb. So much so that some of them even look down at those who use cannabis and tell their loved ones to not choose it either. Why is that so?

Weed has proved its worth in medicine and science has dived in to back the claims supporters make about it. Cannabis can help with getting rid of pain, calming anxiety, and even bringing on quality sleep. In fact, some studies say it can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Even FDA approves a cannabis-based drug for epilepsy treatment.

Wondering why there’s a population that doesn’t encourage its use? Let’s explore 6 reasons why some people still don’t use medical marijuana:

1 – Lack of awareness

There was time, not too long ago, when people saw cannabis in a negative light only. Weed was merely a drug that addicts did hidden in dark alleys. Some people haven’t erased this image yet because they are not knowledgeable about the many ways cannabis can benefit health. Due to this lack of know-how, they find it hard to accept cannabis use.

2 – Illegal status

In some states, cannabis is still illegal. Even though most state governments have legalized the use of marijuana. This is why several people who even find cannabis a worth-trying herb, avoid using it. Others don’t use cannabis because the Food and Drug Administration is still skeptical of it. So, even though their state permits its use, they view the substance with doubt.

3 – Societal unacceptance

Many people want to try cannabis either for recreational or medical purposes. However, they do not consider it due to the pressure of family and friends. They fear being judged by those around them and losing respect and opportunities due to the unacceptance.

4 – Influence avoidance

Parents and older adults often hide their use of cannabis or do not use it because they do not want the teens in the house to follow suit. While medical weed improves the health of adults, it can have detrimental impacts on the mental health of teenagers. This is because their brain is still in the developmental stage.

5 – Negative experience

Not everyone has a positive experience with cannabis the first time they use it. Some don’t notice any health benefits because their body doesn’t react positively or at all to its use. Others purchase a low-quality product by mistake and judge all other cannabis products based on that one experience. This leads them to spread their opinion.

6 – Fear of use

While many studies prove the benefits of cannabis for health, scientists need to conduct more research to look for negative side effects of use. The fear of negative side effects due to lack of studies is yet another reason people are not willing to try it.



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