Why Is CBD Better With Coconut Oil?


If you are looking to purchase a CBD product you better get familiar with the many terms and features that describe different cannabidiol items. There is a difference between CBD oils and tinctures. The former have a carrier oil as base while the latter are alcohol-based.

Now there are many different CBD oils that are available. This means that CBD is mixed with different carrier oils for boosting its bioavailability. Olive oil, coconut oil, and hemp seed oil are some carrier oils that are used as CBD’s base. When in the market choosing a CBD oil, its best to go for a CBD coconut oil. You’d have heard this too but what is the reason behind this?

Why Not Just CBD Without Any Oils?

For a substance to be properly usable the body must be able to break its compounds down and absorb them. Sure, the human body can absorb CBD on its own as well. But while on its own CBD is absorbable the process is slow and inefficient.

Most of the compounds would just directly go to your liver without a carrier oil from where they’d be excreted after being considered waste. This means the results you’d get from just CBD wouldn’t be impressive as your body wouldn’t tap into its full potential. In the presence of a carrier oil, CBD is three times more absorbable. So, this is why CBD is better with a carrier oil than without one.

Why Coconut Oil?

Cannabidiol comes from the hemp plant which also happens to have its own oil which is the hemp seed oil. So, wouldn’t it better to have hemp seed oil as the carrier oil rather than coconut oil? No. Here’s what makes coconut oil a better choice:

1 – Higher saturated fat content

First of all, you should know that CBD is fat soluble not water soluble. This is why it dissolves in fats but not in water. This makes coconut oil the perfect lipid rich solvent for CBD. The lipid content of coconut oil is very high and in comparison, that of olive oil and hemp seed oil is pretty low. So, this is reason #1 why coconut oil is preferable.

2 – More MCTs

There are two kinds of saturated fats – long-chain triglycerides and medium-chain triglycerides. The former are not as safe or preferable for health purposes. The latter, MCTs, are as the body absorbs them quickly and they do not clog arteries. Coconut oil’s fat content comprises mainly of medium-chain fatty acids.

Sum Up

To wrap up, CBD is more bioavailable with a carrier oil. Of the various types of carrier oils, coconut oil is the best. This is because it boasts a high lipid content and is mainly composed of MCTs. Therefore, when choosing a CBD product try going for one that has coconut oil as its base.


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