Can Young Adults Use CBD Or Cannabis For Stress Relief?


CBD has become fairly popular because of the many ways it can help health. The substance is especially known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. However, it has several more amazing features as well. For instance, cannabidiol has an antibacterial and antifungal nature and it is also anti-anxiety.

This means it doesn’t only help with certain anxiety disorders, but it can also be used for stress relief. Adults often use cannabis-based products for relief from work-related stress. But can young adults also benefit from cannabis in the same way? As you must already be aware, in their teenage years several individuals start using marijuana. So, are all these people getting the stress relief benefit?

The Difference Between Marijuana, Cannabis, And CBD

First of all, it is important to understand that there is a huge difference between the terms, marijuana, cannabis, and CBD. Cannabis is a plant that comes in two varieties, mainly hemp and marijuana. This means that marijuana is not interchangeable with cannabis.

while one type of cannabis, which is hemp, comprises of higher CBD and lower THC, marijuana which is the other kind has a high amount of THC and a low quantity of CBD. THC has an adverse effect on your brain as it has an intoxicating nature. On the other hand, cannabidiol is psychoactive but not psychotropic.

Can Any Of These Help Teens With Stress Relief?

Marijuana cannot actually help with stress relief. It can boost your mood but causes euphoria. Moreover, while smoking pot may help relieve stress due to its therapeutic nature, it has several negative side effects. In fact, depending on when you smoke weed it might even trigger anxiety rather than calm it. This means it only furthers your stress rather than putting a lid on it.

One study showed that cannabis and stress exposure in adolescence can lead to anxiety disorders when one gets older. This is because of the presence of THC in cannabis. Tetrahydrocannabinol can impair fear extinction which leads to anxiety disorders, PTSD and the like. Yet depending on the situation you are in cannabis may have a stress relief effect be it hemp or marijuana.

Now CBD does have anti-anxiety properties and it can be quite helpful. it also has minimal nasty side effects of use. Yet, teenagers must never use CBD or cannabis for relief from stress. since their brain is still in the developing phase, cannabinoids and the cannabis plant have detrimental impacts on their cognitive functionality.

Weed and its cannabinoids can lead to depression and suicidality when you get older. It can impair balance, motor coordination skills, focus, memory, as well as learning abilities.

Sum Up

While there surely are some anti-anxiety benefits of cannabis, depending on the situation you are in cannabis may or may not work for you to relieve anxiety and stress.

CBD can also provide stress relief without the dangers posed by THC. Yet, as an adolescent you should not use cannabis or CBD based products as your brain is still in the developing stage and can be harmed because of cannabinoids’ use.


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