Chronic Cannabis Smoking Linked To Higher Testicular Cancer Risk, Study Finds


More and more people have started smoking cannabis. Some do it for the purpose of improving their health, others do so for recreational reasons. Either way, cannabis is not as good for your health as advertised. In fact, even cannabidiol, can cause liver damage as per the Food and Drug Administration.

Of all the people who consume the plant, there are some groups that are advised to strictly avoid it. These include adolescents, pregnant or nursing women, and people hoping to get pregnant. Cannabis use though does help health in a number of ways, comes with many nasty side effects. A new research work has found that regularly smoking cannabis can increase risk of testicular cancer.

This type of cancer develops in the male reproductive organs, the testicles. It comes with symptoms such as a painless lump on the testis or the scrotum. The condition can be fatal but is largely treatable. While it is rare, the number of cases of testicular cancer are increasing. The Journal of the American Medical Association has published this latest report.

Evidence On The Link Between Chronic Cannabis Use And Risk Of Testicular Cancer

The study revealed that men who frequently smoke marijuana over a long period of time are 36 percent more likely to develop testicular cancer. Ironically, some people believe that cannabis has cancer inhibiting properties. Scientists involved in the study said, “Regular marijuana use was associated with development of testicular germ cell tumors.

They continued, “Sustained marijuana use may increase the risk for testicular cancer.” This research work sheds light on an adverse health effect that is associated with smoking cannabis. A 2012 study that the Cancer journal published concluded that marijuana smoking could up testicular cancer risk in men.

A report in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention as well showed a link between heavy cannabis use and this particular cancer. A 2018 study emphasized on the same. A meta-analysis of studies conducted in 2015 noted that cancer raised the risk of developing testicular cancer. This new study just adds to the pile.

Health Risks Of Cannabis Use

Other than testicular cancer, cannabis can also lead to the development of throat cancer and lung cancer. It can cause respiratory diseases as well as disrupt cognitive functionality. It negatively effects attention, memory, decision-making, and judgement. Some research shows that cannabis smoke contains carcinogens. Cannabis use can increase blood pressure and heart rate as well.

Sum Up

There are many negative side effects of smoking cannabis, one of them being higher risk of certain cancers. A new study stamps on what previous research has suggested – heavy cannabis use shares a link with the development of testicular cancer. As per this recent research, long-term and frequent cannabis users have 36% higher testicular cancer risk compared to those who don’t smoke cannabis.


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