Cooking With CBD Oil – Is It A Good Idea?


The World Health Organization has labelled cannabidiol safe. The cannabis component doesn’t lead to abuse or dependency among users. Now that the plant it comes from is gaining wider recognition and research has pointed out the many medicinal properties that it can offer, people are using cannabidiol in various ways.

From CBD oil’s sublingual use to its topical administration, from supplement capsules to gummies, there are many ways you can get the benefits of cannabidiol. Studies show that CBD oil can provide pain relief, improve your mood, curb inflammation, and be advantageous to your health in yet other ways too. All the buzz surrounding cannabidiol oil does make you wonder though can you use CBD oil in cooking? Say for instance you are frying fillets, can you use cannabidiol oil for the purpose?

Using Cannabidiol Oil For Cooking Is A Waste Of Money

Cannabidiol and heat don’t go well with one another. Ingesting the cannabinoid like that comes with little bioavailability. Heat the oil for preparing a meal and its potency evaporates. What do you end up with? Money missing from your wallet and no way to access nutrition offered by cannabidiol once it has bee exposed to heat. If you really want to make use of the cannabis plant for cooking your meals, try hemp oil instead.

So, How Can CBD Oil Be A Part Of Your Edibles?

Don’t lose hope though, you can still make use of cannabidiol oil in your edibles. Though you cannot fry meat and veggies in CBD oil what you can do is sprinkle the oil on the final product. You can also stir made meals in cannabidiol’s oil. If you don’t want to use CBD oil at a late stage and want to use it earlier, you can since it is heat resistant. Only that if you do so, don’t expect any health benefits.

Tips For Using CBD Oil In The Kitchen

If you would like CBD oil to be a part of your meals though not at the step where heat is involved directly, we’ve got some tips for you.

1 – Use Fat Or Another Oil

If you are adamant on making CBD a part of your recipe, you will want to enhance its bioavailability. This refers to its ability of being absorbed by your body. For this purpose, mix your CBD oil in a fat or oil-based ingredient such as butter or ghee.

2 – Add To Sweet And Savory Foods

You will have to be careful about CBD oil usage as it can significantly alter the taste of your meal. If you have low quality CBD oil in stock, go for making sweets treats. Chocolate mixes well with CBD and covers up its taste. High quality CBD can be used for drizzling on savory cuisines such as pasta and salads.

3 – Be Careful About Dosage

Though cannabidiol doesn’t have psychoactive properties like tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, you should still be careful about dosage. Because it is dosage that determines what results you will get from the end-product.


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