Is Secondhand Marijuana Smoke Harmful?


Marijuana smoke refers to the smoke that arises when you burn parts of the cannabis plant such as the stems, flowers, seeds or leaves. Studies show that weed has some medical properties. It can provide stress relief as well as rid you of chronic pain. Among the cannabinoids that pot contains, one is tetrahydrocannabinol. This substance has psychoactive properties which is why it is not much favored by authorities.

Though several states’ laws have labelled cannabis legal this doesn’t mean that it is entirely harmless. Marijuana, unlike hemp which is another type of cannabis, has a higher ratio of THC. Smoking pot has stimulant, depressant, and hallucinogenic effects. It can hence, cause side effects such as decreased concentration and euphoric behavior.

While some studies show that smoking weed can be damaging for health in some ways does this also mean that passive pot smoking is harmful? This is the case with smoking tobacco, and you can expect the same from smoking marijuana.

Can Secondhand Marijuana Smoke Test Positive On A Drug Test?

Imagine walking into a room of pot junkies and returning after catching an accidental whiff of the herb. Does this occurrence make you high and mean that you will test positive on a weed drug test? Yes and no. If the room was properly ventilated and the air was not rich with marijuana smoke it is unlikely that you’ll test positive.

Sure, some traces of weed can show up on the drug test but not enough for it to test positive. However, if you are in a setting with highly concentrated amounts of pot you can stimulate a positive urine drug test. In the same way, if you live with a regular marijuana smoker that is different than if you happen to pass by someone smoking pot.

Adverse Side Effects Of Secondhand Marijuana Smoke

Many of the toxins found in secondhand tobacco smoke can also be found in passive pot smoke. Smoking weed can weaken your immunity and damage lungs. An animal study showed that secondhand marijuana smoke can also impair lung function. Another research conducted on rats found that passive pot smoke can reduce blood vessel functionality.

If you have been exposed to high markers of weed smoke, you may not be in the right condition to drive. Secondhand weed smoke can delay your reflexes. It can also make you feel lightheaded and dizzy if the exposure was for a lengthy period. Moreover, while for some people marijuana can induce calmness, for others this relaxation can lead to lethargy.

Key Takeaway

With the use of marijuana increasing, one concern rising with it is that of secondhand pot smoke. Like passive tobacco smoking, secondhand weed smoke is also harmful. It can lead to a positive drug test in certain instances. Some negative side effects that are associated to secondhand pot smoking include impairment of lung function, and blood vessels. Moreover, it can cause exposure to toxins and lower concentration.


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