More People Are Using CBD For Their Pets


The use of cannabidiol is increasing at a growing momentum. People turn to CBD products to soother their chronic pain, anxiety, and to improve their sleep. Most of them take it to relax. Even though not much research has been conducted on CBD yet, Americans are swearing by it. They think is a safe route to recovery.

So far, some studies have shown that CBD can also prevent more serious health complications such as epilepsy, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, etc. However, did you know that apart from humans, even CBD pet products are popular? A survey of 632 people showed that 93% of them were confident that the use of CBD pet treats was either equal to or better than medications prescribed by vets.

Heather Golden told CBS Miami that she found cannabidiol to be a healthy alternative for her dog. She said that using CBD products for her pooch helped calm it down. She explained that she started giving CBD to her furry buddy in small doses and then increased the dosage gradually until she found which quantity was just right for the job.

Golden told the outlet, “He’s [her dog is] more calm, relaxed. We don’t have to worry about him every time someone walks in the door.” It must be noted here that not many studies regarding CBD’s effects on pets have been carried out yet. Still many people think that the compound which comes from THC’s family, is a safer, natural alternative.

All that has been learned about CBD has been done so from human studies. Though like humans, dogs have an endocannabinoid system too, theirs is a lot more complicated. Pooches experience the impacts of THC as well as CBD much more strongly.

Pet owners are also using CBD treats for treating pain experienced by their dogs. A study published last year found that CBD can improve activity and comfort in dogs when 2 mg of it is served twice daily. Before deciding to feed your dog any CBD products though, it is essential to consider two things.

First of all, you need the opinions and guidelines of an expert veterinarian. This will give you more idea about how your dog may react to CBD and which ailments of its can be solved by the compound and in what doses. Secondly, it is essential to use a high-quality product that actually works effectively. There are many scam products out there.

Several products, research has found, do not even contain the amount of cannabidiol that they claim they do. This makes these products unreliable. Dog CBD treats available include oils, biscuits, and more. More and more veterinarians are moving toward conducting researches to see how CBD is received by pets and how it can be used.

A pointer to keep in mind in this regard is that CBD products formulated solely for humans cannot be blindly given to animals as they may contain ingredients that are toxic to pets. What’s more, pet parents should not experiment with CBD products for pets which contain THC.


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