New Study Shows Canadians Interest In Cannabis Is Going Down


Globally, the cannabis market is seeing a growth. CBD, as revealed by several researches, is safe for use and comes with a bunch of health-benefiting qualities. The drug is no more just used for recreational purposes but for reducing stress, anxiety, insomnia, and pain among other reasons.

However, the interest of people in cannabis and its edibles is seeing a downward trend as per a new study carried out in Canada. In Canada, the legalization of cannabis was announced last year in October. At that time, people were so interested in the herb that demand started to outgrow supply.

But now, a second study shows that the use of cannabis has decreased. Soon CBD products are going to be legal for purchase and people are no more as invested in the drug. This study has been conducted by Dalhousie University and University of Guelph, headed by the senior director of Agrifood Analytics Lab.

The research was carried out to see if the public’s opinion about what had come to be known as the marijuana miracle had changed. The results were shocking as it was found that with legalization, public interest had gone down.

People are no more as “excited or enthusiastic” about the product. Before legalization back in 2017, it was found that 46% of people were interested in trying out CBD edibles. However, the new poll shows that this number has slipped down to 36%. This study, which was conducted last month in April, polled plus 1050 people in 4 days.

The lead of the study, Charlebois said, “By seeing cannabis on the street and with many people consuming cannabis freely, we thought people would say once cannabis edibles become legal, it would be an opportunity for anybody to try cannabis.”

CBD edibles are a safer option than smoking cannabis, however, they may take longer to show results in comparison. Safe storage of these edibles can be a challenge too. The study also found that though cannabis had been legalized people still bought it from unauthorized dealers. This was likely because of the lower prices offered by unauthorized sellers.

Therefore, the back market is not seeing little to no difference in sales. Over 60% of the people responded to this survey explaining that their decrease in interest in cannabis edibles was because they were so easy to overconsume. This is raising concerns and lowering certainty among the masses about the legalization of cannabis.

Meanwhile in the United States, people’s interest in cannabis products from supplements, oils, tinctures to edibles like biscuits and treats is seeing an upward trend. So much so that authorities are confused with the Food and Drug Administration feeling pressurized with all the hype.

CBD comes with several amazing benefits from reducing inflammation to curbing anxiety, it can also help with the treatment of epilepsy, ADHD, etc. Researchers from the study mentioned above still think there are chances of cannabis regaining its position, after all there are still 6 months to legalization.


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