Research Says CBD Better Than Sleeping Pills For Insomniacs


According to the CDC, an adult requires at least 7 hours of sleep. However, despite the many ways lack of sleep can negatively impact one’s health, most people brush its complications aside and continue to spend restless nights in hopes that their sleep with improve without the intervention of any medication.

Insomnia can cause obesity, heart disease, diabetes, depression, etc. Unfortunately, most treatments for sleeplessness come with adverse side effects. However, CBD can prove to be effective in decreasing people’s sleep woes.

CBD interacts with the central nervous system and enables one to sleep better. As per a new research, it’s use can help improve sleep within the first month of use. This same study also says that cannabidiol can decrease anxiety among patients.

What Did This Research Reveal?

A new research from the Kaiser Permanente journal showed that CBD can help improve sleep as well as anxiety. In fact, compared to typical treatments, CBD use comes with low risks. As part of this research, 103 adult patients were given CBD as an alternative to sleep medication.

The sleep and anxiety scores of participants before and after CBD use were checked using validated instruments. It was found that of the final sample of 72 individuals, CBD decreased anxiety scores by 79.2% whereas it also improved sleep by 66.7% in the first month.

Anxiety remained low by the use of CBD, while sleep fluctuated after a month. Apart from 3 patients, all other participants tolerated CBD well. The conclusion reached said that cannabidiol could be beneficial for insomniacs and people with anxiety-related disorders.

Why Choose CBD Over Other Sleep Medications?

Sleeping pills can be ineffective and they may as well come with adverse side effects. CBD is a comparatively low risk option which is why it is more preferred. However, this doesn’t mean that people who have sleep problems should rely on CBD. They must maintain a proper sleep routine.

When using CBD though as an aid for sleep, one shouldn’t overdose. Not because CBD is a recreational drug, which it isn’t and also not because it has any psychoactive properties, but because overuse can reduce the effectiveness of CBD.

As per the above-mentioned research, benefits of sleep started fluctuating after it served as a good source for enforcing sleep for a month. This is why, it must only be used when needed rather than so regularly that its benefits start diminishing.


Lack of sleep is an issue which must be paid attention to. In this regard, one can go for sleeping pills. However, those may be ineffective or may come with negative side effects which is why it is best to go for CBD. CBD interacts with receptors that control sleep and anxiety.

Though CBD has been shown by a new research to be a good option for inducing sleep, it is best to not overdose. This is because the study shows that after a month’s use, it’s effects may fluctuate though there is no fear of getting high from the use of CBD.

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