Top 5 Amazing CBD-Based Skincare Products To Try


If you’ve been devouring all the information on CBD out there, you’d have heard how skincare and cosmetic brands are also leveraging its skin health boosting properties. But there are so many beauty products out there which are cannabis-based that it can get overwhelming for starters to decide what to buy. This is why we have compiled a list of the top 5 CBD-based skincare products that are worth choosing. Here goes:

1 – Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum

Apart from full spectrum hemp oil, this formula also contains sunflower and grapeseed oil. The blend of these is perfect for brightening your skin. If you’re looking for a product that makes your skin glow, this is one you can choose.

It’s great for anyone who struggles with redness as it soothes irritation. The hydrating botanical formula detoxifies your pores and leaves your skin feeling clean and clear. The best part is that the product has a lightweight feel and absorbs into your skin quickly.

2 – Herbivore Emerald Hemp Seed Glow Oil

If you’re worried about the different impacts changing seasons will have on your skin, don’t fret. This product can have your back whether your skin is drying up a lot or breaking out.

This hemp seed oil for your skin is rich in omega and contains other herbal ingredients such as shiitake mushroom as well as ashwagandha. The nourishing oil hydrates your skin and makes it glow. Application is smooth and calms irritation thanks to hemp’s healing nature.

3 – Kush Creams Aloe-Based Face and Eye Cream

Next up, we have this lab-tested product that works wonders on your facial skin as well as around the eyes which is a particularly sensitive area. This product is hypoallergenic and therefore, you can use it even if you have sensitive skin overall.

It also happens to be scent-free. Owing to the anti-inflammatory properties of the cream, it can reduce wrinkles as well as acne. Oher ingredients include rosehip seed oil, blackthorn oil, and meadow form seed oil.

4 – Khus+Khus Sen Face Serum

This botanical product with Ayurvedic ingredients boosts your skin’s natural elasticity which means it keeps it youthful. The product is for anyone who wants to improve his or her skin’s texture. The product is developed in a cruelty-free manner and is vegan, free of alcohol and free of gluten too.

The serum is for all skin types. The tonic of essential oils contains wild French lavender and black currant seed oil in addition to CBD and some other ingredients.

5 – Provacan After Sun CBD Cream

CBD does a lot for your skin – in addition to calming and moisturizing, the substance can also protect against the harms posed by the sun. This well-researched formula provides full phytocannabinoid support and after-sun protection.

It is a made in the UK product. The product has been tested in a lab for its purity and CBD content. The central ingredient here is 50 mg of pure CBD isolate.


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