What Are CBD Concentrates And How Are They Made?


Cannabidiol is surrounded by a lot of hype in the current times. Same goes for marijuana, which is used for recreational purposes. However, there is a major difference between both. You see, while cannabidiol is safe for health, marijuana has psychoactive properties. This is because of the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol. From another lens though, THC also has a therapeutic nature.

For some people, the high that they get from marijuana with up to 30% of THC is not enough. This makes them seek out more powerful strains. This is where marijuana concentrates are birthed. Then there are those people who use CBD for medical purposes. Studies show cannabidiol can help with a number of ailments from schizophrenia to arthritis to epilepsy and even cancer.

Of course, patients who use CBD want to get the most out of it in the shortest time. And this is where CBD concentrates come into the picture. Some people prepare their own CBD concentrates at home while others prefer purchasing retail CBD concentrates. Let’s take a look at what CBD concentrate exactly is.

What Is CBD Concentrate?

A CBD concentrate is the highest potent CBD extracted from the hemp plant and filtered out. Some CBD concentrate products comprise of about 99% of cannabidiol. The consumption of a CBD concentrate allows you to take in a large amount of CBD for relieving your symptoms. To derive such a concentrate, makers first take a highly CBD-packed strain of cannabis.

After the CBD-abundant hemp plant is harvested, dried, and then ground, a safe extraction method is used for getting the oil out. Now there are a couple of CBD extraction processes. The first one involves the use of a solvent such as ethanol, butane, etc. Some also used Everclear which is 90% alcohol minimum. However, the CBD made through this procedure is not of the finest quality.

This is because some solvent can remain in the final product which is toxic. There is another process that is considered the safest and most hygienic. It’s called CO2 extraction. This process involves the use of a CO2 equipment that uses carbon dioxide under pressure and at low temperature. This process is more preferable because it preserves the purity of CBD and is non-toxic.

Should You Buy CBD Concentrate Or Make Your Own?

At home, you cannot make CBD concentrate through CO2 extraction. Therefore, you should either make your own concentrates at home using solvents or purchase CO2 extracted CBD. There is no point purchasing CBD isolates made through the solvent procedure. Expect to pay a high price for CO2 extracted CBD concentrates though.

How Should You Use CBD Concentrate?

When trying CBD concentrate, don’t take in a lot of it at once. While CBD is safe for use, taking a lot of it at once will build up your tolerance for it which will lower its effects. Moreover, taking too much is also costly. Since CBD concentrates are very potent, you just need a little amount to get started. Increase dosage gradually to see what works for you.


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