Why You Shouldn’t Use Cannabis Prior To Presentations


Presentations can be scary. Whether you are giving a presentation at an office meeting, in front of your entire class or elsewhere, the jitters can keep you from having faith in your hard work. You keep wondering about the consequences of failure in front of so many people despite having put in your best efforts to get ace results.

The worst part is that anxiety can be so mind-clouding that even if you are prepared best it can prevent you from giving your best. A new solution that many people believe can help them with such debilitating anxiety these days is cannabis. But is cannabis a safe choice for use before a presentation? Will it help your situation or merely make it worse?

What Even Is Cannabis?

To clarify, when we’re talking about cannabis for anxiety we’re not referring to CBD oil for anxiety. Both are completely different. Cannabis is a plant which contains a diverse cannabinoid profile including THC and CBD. The herb is of mainly two varieties – hemp and marijuana. The former has a higher CBD content while the latter has more THC.

CBD oil as well as cannabis are often used in the same sentence as anxiety. CBD oil can help with depression and anxiety as per anecdotal evidence. The thing is, cannabinoids have a psychoactive effect. This means they interact with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. By doing so, they can alter cognitive functionality and impact your mood.

Why Does It Ease Some People’s Anxiety And Induce Anxiety In Others?

Cannabis can affect anxiety, increase or calm it, based on two factors mainly:

  • The type of anxiety you have

Anxiety can stem from depression, can be more generalized, it can be anticipatory, or it can be a disorder.

  • The cannabinoid profile of cannabis

The ratio of cannabidiol to tetrahydrocannabinol also determines how cannabis will affect your anxiety.

Talking about these two points, the thing is that THC can help with anxiety only if it is related to depression and hence, dysmorphia. This is because it causes euphoria and hence, has a mood boosting effect. On the contrary, CBD is better for other types of anxiety. It helps with generalized and anticipatory anxiety. Therefore, use cannabis higher in THC or CBD based on your type of anxiety.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Cannabis Prior To Presentations

As can be understood from above, THC can increase anticipatory anxiety due to its psychotropic nature. You may experience paranoia and panic after taking THC-high cannabis, marijuana, when you are about to give a presentation. Therefore, it is best to avoid weed before presentations. If you want to calm your anxiety, choose CBD instead.


THC in cannabis heightens anticipatory anxiety while it helps with anxiety due to depression. Due to this nature of its integral agent, weed should not be used prior to presentations.


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