3 Reasons Why Pregnant And Nursing Women Shouldn’t Use CBD


A Miss Grass magazine study found that women are willing to try CBD for curbing nausea during pregnancy. Cannabidiol, a popular cannabinoid of cannabis, has several potential uses. Many research works have given evidence that it can help with epilepsy, migraines, chronic pain, and neuropsychological conditions as well.

CBD, after all, has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties among others. But is it safe for all groups of people? Not so much. In fact, despite being deemed safer than THC and non-psychotropic, the substance shouldn’t be taken by adolescents. What’s more, even women who are expecting or nursing should strictly abstain from it.

Why though? What’s so harmful about cannabidiol when it has proven to be such a miracle drug for so many health conditions? People are raving about it and women, in particular, are using it for a variety of reasons. These range from anger management to alleviating pain that comes with menstruation.

To understand what makes cannabis, both CBD and THC, unsafe for certain women, let’s explore some reasons they are better off avoiding it:

1 – It can cause miscarriage and stillbirth

The use of pot or its cannabinoids during pregnancy can severely deter and harm the fetus which may also lead to miscarriage and stillbirth.

In fact, a study conducted by Boston University researchers last year found that even men’s marijuana smoking could increase miscarriage risk in their partners. It concluded that men who smoked weed once or more weekly, their partner’s risk of miscarrying was twice.

2 – It can cause cognitive defects in the child born

The THC and CBD in cannabis, or CBD taken on its own, can cross into the placenta. The effect of cannabinoids on the developing brain is harmful. Children of mothers who smoke pot are likely to have defects in their brain’s executive learning.

For instance, they may have a weaker memory, learning problems or other issues when they grow up. In the same way, the developing brains of teens are also adversely affected by pot. Teens who smoke weed are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, and suicidality in adulthood.

3 – It is not safe for children of nursing women

Research has found that cannabinoids are also not safe for the children of nursing mothers. This is because they can cross into breast milk as well. In this manner they can enter the young child.

Other than cannabis components themselves, the CBD product may be contaminated with toxins or fungi which can also negatively affect the baby.

In fact, some research works show that women and men who are looking to get pregnant should also not use weed. It is believed that cannabis affects the fertility of men.

The Food and Drug Administration is strictly against the use of cannabis by pregnant and nursing women. This begs the question, exactly how unsafe is cannabis for people? Since research is still in its early stages, everyone should use CBD with a grain of salt.


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