About Us

We are an online news and journalism website that aims to provide comprehensible and accurate information relating to all the various CBD related topics that concern the world today. Our target audience is enthusiasts of cannabidiol products who wish to see it represented through a non-biased perspective and wish to have access to content that has been simplified for the layman yet still contains detailed analysis and vital information.

Why Was Our Website Conceptualized?

As avid enthusiasts of CBD-related products, harboring a passion for it, and a want to see it enter the mainstream, our primary goal has always been to discuss it in a manner that many other platforms do not. We believe that it is only through proper discourse that one can quell their misconceptions and doubts that exist about CBD. As a result, we not only display accurate information but also aim to bring about positive change by distinguishing ignorance and misinformation. As a result, Prospercbdnews was constructed – a fortress of truthful journalism and ethical news distribution.

How Was Our Website Formed?

Despite my intense affection for CBD products – I realized that alone it would not be possible to see such a massive task come to fruition. As a result, to transform my dream of making this website into reality, I searched for an impeccable team of likeminded individuals who displayed the effective skills needed to bloom this idea.  After a through survey of all the various candidates displayed, the most credible, well-versed and dedicated few were selected – and thus, the main workforce at Prospercbdnews was formed.  Together we aim to stand tall as the zenith of authentic and credible journalism.

What’s Our Goal?

The goal of Prospercbdnews has always been to the physical manifestation of truthful journalism about CBD. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation that gets sprung around when it comes to CBD related products. Whether this is due to one’s own ignorance – or a more sinister issue remains to be seen. As people who have personally utilized such products and seen their many beneficial effects, this feels almost like a knife to the chest. As a result, we aim to cover every possible CBD related topic, from latest news, to articles on its benefits and uses.

Through this, Prospercbdnews establishes a new foundation for CBD – changing the biased and broken perspective that people once used to have for it.