4 Common False Claims CBD Products Make


If you have been reading about CBD, at a point you may have gotten confused. If you want to purchase a CBD product for your overall wellness, which one should you go for? There are several scam products out there.

Problem is most products make false claims. The goal of false advertisement is to win over customers. But while the company makes money, the buyer is left with a product that either doesn’t work, or worse, causes nasty side effects.

Mislabeling of products happens in many different ways. Here are 4 areas in which CBD products can be mislabeled. Look out for these to decide whether the product you’re purchasing is of a high quality and dependable or not:

1 – The product may not comprise of the CBD content it reads it does

Most CBD products do not contain the substance in as much concentration or amount as mentioned on the label. Sometimes, some quantity of CBD is lost in the manufacturing process while other times to save costs companies may not add enough CBD in the first place.

2 – It may contain THC more than mentioned

THC is the psychotropic component of cannabis. It is quite difficult and costly a process to obtain CBD completely free of THC. Ideally, your CBD products shouldn’t contain more than 0.3% of THC.

However, several CBD products contain way higher amounts of THC despite mentioning that their tetrahydrocannabinol content is lower than the legal limit. This can be very problematic as THC can cause euphoria and shows up in drug tests.

3 – It may contain other contaminants

Quality CBD products are costly. Therefore, if a manufacturer claims to provide you with superior CBD supplements that have been made using the CO2 extraction process for cheap, be wary. That process is complicated and pricey.

Other methods of extracting CBD often leave behind contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals and chemicals which are harmful for your health. Thy also strip CBD of its potency. You must purchase CBD products that have been evaluated by a third party and disclose their evaluation report to ensure they don’t contain toxic substances.

4 – It may be making false medical claims

Several CBD products do this – make medical claims that have no research or studies backing them. For instance, a CBD product may claim it can kill cancer cells but without much scientific evidence to support it. You need to do your own research on what CBD can and cannot do to not fall for such bogus claims.

Sum Up

Wrapping up, there are several ways a manufacturer can mislabel his CBD products on purpose. The FDA is always catching such companies and issuing warnings but there are more and more of such fake products that can be found. Your best bet is to do thorough background research and purchase from only very trusted sellers.



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