Editorial Policy

One of our primary goals is to not only distribute valid and credible information, but to also main all forms of journalistic integrity. One of our major dislikes about today’s news industry is the very fact that bias and misinformation often plays a massive role in it. As such, when Porspercbdnews was formed, one of the core principles became to not utilize any form of redundant, biased or invalid journalistic methodologies. As such, we represent news and information in the most credible and reliable manner, never misguiding our readers or providing them with misinformation for personal or monetary purposes.

Any writers that choose to join our ranks must sign a policy that explicitly mentions their dedication towards the spread of truth and accurate information, and as part of this agreement, they must abide by all the proper standards that we set out to achieve. Some of these standards have been mentioned below:

Must Remain Original

All content provided to the website must be 100% original. We believe that plagiarism is nothing short of an epidemic. If something has already been stated once, then shouting it out once more benefits no one. As a result, all of our writers must pass online tests to ensure plagiarism-free work. Copyspace and other plagiarism checks may be utilized for this purpose. Furthermore, any reworded articles that have simply been spun to provide a half-baked perspective will also be rejected. Our commitment towards accurate, credible and original information is a value we simply cannot compensate.

Cite all Claims and Data

When it comes to discussing a topic like cannabis that has such an abundant amount of people up in arms about it, proper claims and data are vital towards our ultimate goals. No use of incorrect, invalid and false claims or biased data will be accepted at any point. All statistics and claims must be cited by a relevant source which should be available to the general public.

Empirical evidence must always be sought. This is inclusive of any pictures, graphs, and screenshots that may justify the claims. If no valid sources can be found, it should be omitted entirely from the article.

Have Something of Value to Say

The value of an article is a hard category to gauge, considering various people might find different levels of worth and value in different things. But the manner in which we calculate it is through objectivity, usefulness and effectiveness at providing relevant details. Our goal is to provide pristine, and high-quality information.

Avoid Promotions and Marketing

Articles will not be provided any space for promotions or marketing of any individual / entity / organization or business of any kind. Everything from the title, to the subheadings and the content of your articles must always be decisive and digestible. They must not advertise any other websites or products. In the case of reviews, objectivity must reign supreme and the information provided must be free of any personal biases.

Keep the Audience In Mind

Another factor to keep in mind is that we must always look into our target audience and write in a manner that appeases them and allows them to understand comprehensively. Articles must contain all relevant details, but it must be written in a manner that allows for proper understanding even by laymen.

Acceptance of the Article

The helm of acceptance falls on the heads of the editorial board. Editors have the ability to reject or accept an article as they wish. This can be done on a number of factors and they are under no inclination or explain said basis to the writer. It is the duty of the writer to ensure they are abiding by all the above mentioned categories. More often than not, it is due to strafing from these factors that one’s article gets rejected.