Should You Use CBD For Menopausal Symptoms?


When women hit the menopause age, they struggle with hormonal fluctuations. Apart from not having their period anymore, they also experience other symptoms including vaginal dryness, trouble sleeping, urinary problems, joint pain, muscle discomfort, hot flashes, and a low mood.

To help the condition, conventional treatment methods such as hormone replacement therapy are often used. But now, with the popularity of CBD, many are considering using the substance for improving their symptoms. Is this the right way to approach menopausal symptoms? Let’s explore.

CBD May Reduce Some Symptoms Associated To Menopause

There are several beneficial properties of CBD. This puts it forward is a good solution for menopause as well. Some women say that using CBD for improving their symptoms has worked for them. CBD is a strong anti-inflammatory agent which means it may be able to help with some concerns that come with menopause.

Moreover, this substance has a psychoactive effect which means that it may be helpful in improving mood and reducing depression as well. What makes it a suitable candidate for menopausal symptoms is that unlike THC, it is not come with negative side effects. For instance, it does not have a psychotropic nature. This means that it doesn’t lead to euphoria.

Some symptoms of menopause that CBD may help include the following:

  • May improve the sleep of users
  • Can improve joint and muscle health
  • Can boost one’s mood and provide relief from depressive symptoms

Note that CBD does not help with vaginal dryness or urinary concerns that arise with menopause.

What Makes Using CBD Products From Menopause Dangerous

There are a few arguments that show that using CBD products for dealing with your menopause symptoms is not the brightest idea. Let’s take a look at these below:

1 – There is no scientific backing

Companies selling CBD are making huge medical claims, but there is no scientific research that backs them. there may be small studies, but there is no solid evidence which proves that CBD can be effective.

2 – It may not be safe

Since there is no science backing the use of CBD for menopausal symptoms, what if the products that you use are not safe even if they are high quality?  We don’t know about the long term effects of CBD for any purpose related to female health. So far, it has been found that pregnant and nursing women should not use CBD.

3 – Products may not be reliable

The label of the products that you use for menopausal symptoms may not be truthful. CBD products may comprise of more THC than advertised. Furthermore, they may also contain pesticides or other chemicals which may not have been mentioned on the label. You can also never be 100% sure of the CBD potency and content in the product you pick.

Consulting A Medical Professional Is Crucial

Since there is no solid evidence and yet there are positive reviews of CBD for menopausal symptoms, it is necessary that you not self-medicate but consult your doctor regarding this matter.


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