Can You Use CBD If You’ve Tested Positive For COVID-19?


Most of the new questions that we have these days are related to the 2019 coronavirus. The ailment comes with symptoms like shortness of breath, headache, body pain, muscle spasms, fever, cough and more. For some people, their case is mild while those who have a severe case of the virus have risk of fatality.

One question that CBD users have is this – can they use cannabidiol oil or other products if they have the condition? There’s no solid research on the relationship between CBD and COVID-19 yet. Nevertheless, here’s what we know:

CBD Is Likely To Help

While smoking cannabis if you have the coronavirus is a risky move, using CBD as an oil or capsules should not be a problem. This is because cannabidiol has many positive features which even put it forward as an agent that can help with the symptoms of the virus. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of CBD which can be helpful for the treatment of a mild case of COVID-19:

1 – CBD boosts your immune system

CBD may strengthen your immune system which is why it can be helpful if you have the virus. A strong immunity means your body can fight the effects of the virus and aid in healthy and quick recovery.

2 – It has antiviral and antibacterial properties

The antiviral and antibacterial nature of CBD may be helpful in fighting the coronavirus and in eliminating it from your body.

3 – It is a strong anti-inflammatory agent

Another property of CBD is that it can fight and curb inflammation. This is important since COVID-19 can cause inflammation of lung tissue which is where CBD can be helpful.

Therefore, perhaps continuing your use of CBD if you have a mild case of the coronavirus shouldn’t be problem.

Can You Take CBD If You Have A Severe Case Of COVID-19?

If you have a severe case of COVID-19 then you must consult your doctor. In fact, someone whose condition is severe needs urgent hospitalization and professional care. It is essential to inform your doctor about your use of CBD or cannabis.

Note that cannabis may interfere with a proper diagnosis of the condition. This is because some side effects of using cannabis, such as cough, may overlap with the symptoms of COVID-19. Cannabis smoking may even worsen your condition.

What If You Are On Other Meds?

Regardless of whether your case is mild or severe, if you are using other meds for treatment, there may be risk involved. CBD can cause drug interactions which may be dangerous. Therefore, always talk to a healthcare provider if you have a condition and are using any home remedy. Self-medication is not a good idea since very little is known about the 2019 coronavirus.


CBD may be helpful in the treatment of COVID-19. However, if you are a user and have COVID-19, you should consult a professional since research is limited to nonexistent.


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