Hemp CBD Sales Drop During Coronavirus Pandemic


Hemp driven cannabidiol saw a major boon in sales last year. This led the market to be become overcrowded until it became difficult for newcomers to penetrate it. Even 2020 had CBD among its leading wellness trends. But now, the landscape of the market has changed entirely owing to the current situation.

People around the globe are fighting, or rather avoiding, a common enemy – SARS-CoV-2. The virus has taken all of earth in its grip with various countries observing lockdowns. The only way to protect your health at the moment is to practice social distancing and take care of your health as best as you can. And for that, two important agents are getting enough sleep and keeping your immunity strong.

Why Have CBD Sales Dropped?

The reason behind this is simple – people are spending their money on immunity boosting supplements. This has made the demand for CBD products drop. Folks are purchasing multivitamin pills, vitamin C supplements and various other products of similar kinds.

Clearly, COVID-19 has completely changed the game for CBD. It has taken attention off CBD and even more so, off cannabis. Those who are addicted or habitual of smoking cannabis are more likely still indulging. But other, more mindful people, are avoiding cannabis intake as smoking pot can damage lungs. It can mimic the virus that has people in fear as both share dry cough as a symptom.

Smoking weed also weakens the immune system. As for CBD, such changes in the market often take place in times of such viruses. However, cannabidiol can still enjoy a great time in the market albeit with a few changes in its marketing.

How Can CBD Dominate The Market During This Pandemic?

It is not yet known how long CBD will hang around. In fact, it is very possible that it will become an endemic that will visit people till 2022 seasonally. So, does this mean that CBD sales will remain flat? No, actually marketers can change their tactics and make CBD’s sales grow. How? CBD can boost your immunity, improve your mood and support your sleep and mental health.

By mentioning these features of the herbal component in times like these, people can come back to using CBD for staying in top health. After all, fear combined with quarantine-induced blues is causing aggression and depression in people. It is taking a toll on their sleep and keeping immunity boosted is vital in these times.

There is one good thing about the lowering demand of hemp CBD though. Raw materials for growing the plant and overall costs of accessing the industry have lowered.

Summing Up

CBD sales have dropped quite unexpectedly. This is because during this pandemic people are focusing more on purchasing supplements for boosting immunity. Perhaps a change in how sellers market CBD can shift the demand in CBD’s favor. After all, CBD does boost the immune system and support sleep, mental health, and mood.


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