CBD-Infused Activewear – Can It Reduce Muscle Soreness And Promote Recovery?


First your food, then your water, and now your clothes – CBD is everywhere. The non-psychoactive cannabis substance is said to have many health benefits for you. It can not only soothe certain headaches, and has anti-inflammatory effects, it can also relieve anxiety and depression. It’s strong and almost miraculous health profile has took its name to the top trends in the wellness industry.

After gummies, coffee, cola, bath bombs, and other CBD-infused items, we now have CBD athleisure clothing. Yep, you read that right. A brand named Acabada has constructed CBD activewear which claims to kickstart healing and recovery before you even start with your workout session. The fabric contains micro CBD drops that work using their anti-inflammatory nature.

These particles are enclosed in polymers which keeps them from evaporating. The brand further says that your athleisure clothing’s CBD effectiveness easily lasts for 40 vigorous sessions of wearing and washing.

Science On CBD Activewear

According to this brand, the nanoparticles of CBD transdermally penetrate through your skin where in your bloodstream they interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system. By doing so, muscle soreness and recovery that come with exercise are combated. But does science support this idea?

Not enough evidence backs what CBD can and cannot do; particularly, when it is built into your outfit. Experts are not convinced, not yet at least. Then there is the concern of safety. Is the dose you get through this activewear infusion technique enough? Or is it too much?

Acabada doesn’t give any details regarding how much dose you get per hour. There’s also the issue that you can never be sure what is in the product you are getting. There’s always a possibility that the product doesn’t contain the amount of CBD it says it does.

What’s more, several products that say they only include CBD also comprise of THC. So unknowingly people are getting marijuana into their system rather than just cannabidiol. Acabada claims that each piece of clothing it sells contains 25 grams of CBD.

Is It Effective?

Is CBD-infused clothing something worth investing your money in? You’ll have to read reviews of people who have tried this activewear brand to know. Reviewers so far don’t seem to be in favor of the product.

While there are experts and consumers agreeing on the uniqueness on the product, trying it hasn’t proved to give as targeted or efficient relief as topical application or another delivery mode of CBD more direct can. As per Acabada, while some people experience immediate results, others may note results after at least two weeks of consistent use.

Perhaps using the activewear suits for longer can show some effectiveness. Then again, how can such activewear be effective if you take it off, as you should, immediately after working out? Certainly, there’s a lot more than marketing needed to promote this concept.


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