CBD Protein Bars – What You Can Expect


Cannabidiol-infused snacks are the latest wellness fad. Clearly the food industry is also as obsessed with the hemp extract as the health field.

Of the many new-ish cannabidiol treats that have made it to shelves in recent times, CBD protein bars are gaining quite a good bit of attention.

Generally, protein bars contain a small amount of vitamins and minerals, lower carbohydrate content while being high in proteins. They are for keeping you energized effortlessly – no refrigeration or cooking required unless you’re preparing them at your home.

Add a bit CBD to the mix and you have CBD protein bars. As the name suggests, you can get the benefits of both CBD and protein with these easy-to-take-along eatables.

But What Does CBD Do For Your Health?

Cannabidiol does a lot for your health, at least as per what its advocates say. From relieving stress and nausea to solving your chronic pain concerns, it is being called the miraculous herb that can do it all. Research, however, is still limited on the herbal component which is why you must take the claims of marketers with a grain of salt.

Expected Health Benefits Of CBD Protein Bars

Depending on what job you are doing or when you are taking your CBD protein bars, you may or may not experience benefits. You can expect muscle relaxation and an overall sense of calm. However, don’t expect to feel extra energetic. You may feel less stressed than usual. Maybe you can expect a slight increase in focus, but your movement may not be blessed since there can be an impairment of motor skills and balance.

So, if you are taking CBD protein bars during a high-intensity workout, that will not be favorable. The same applies to when you are working with heavy objects when, for example, renovating your house. However, when you are doing yoga, a CBD protein bar can help enhance your experience. It can also be a good post-recovery snack as it relaxes your muscles.

It cannot be said what the long-term and exact effects of CBD protein bars are. This is because no research has been conducted on them. One negative effect that you may get is a dry mouth.

What About The Taste?

You’ll get the taste that the package advertises depending on the brand you are buying from. In the regular flavor, you will most probably get the same taste as protein bars have. You may experience a slight weed-like tinge, but it wouldn’t likely be prominent enough to ruin the taste for you.

Sum Up

CBD protein bars are one of the latest additions to the CBD snack family. You can have these post working out for reducing muscle soreness and for relaxation. However, they may not be the most reliable treat to eat when doing heavy-lifting work. Taste-wise, you can expect the same protein bar taste with a subtle hint of weed.


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