Does Cannabis Dehydrate You?


Smoking cannabis or adding some in your edibles has become quite popular in recent years. People are using cannabis for both health and recreational purposes.

Particularly hemp, a type of cannabis high in CBD, has become known for its medical uses. Now the question many people have regarding cannabis is whether it causes dehydration or not. As many have experienced, smoking marijuana may leave you feeling thirsty.

Weed’s Most Common Side Effect

The most common adverse side effect people experience with doing pot is cotton mouth. This means that after smoking cannabis, the majority struggles with a very dry mouth. This is what causes you to feel thirsty. However, thirst is not an indicator of dehydration.

Dehydration happens when your body uses more fluid than it should or when it loses more water than it consumes. You feel thirsty when you consume cannabis because the THC in it makes you high. When that happens the receptors in your mouth stop saliva production for a while. This makes your mouth dry and you thirsty.

Though cannabis doesn’t exactly cause dehydration, another side effect of it is diarrhea. Uncontrolled diarrhea may cause dehydration. Furthermore, cannabis does have slight diuretic properties. The more than regular trips to the toilet may leave you slightly dehydrated.

There are some instances of people getting dehydrated due to cannabis use. This happens in a rare condition called cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. CHS leads to excessive nausea and vomiting which can leave you dehydrated. So much so that you may even require IV drips and hospitalization. CHS is a serious condition which can cause death.

Electrolyte imbalance caused though cannabis can lead to death. Cases reported of CHS are increasing though. Unfortunately, awareness regarding cannabis is low. People think that in CHS consuming more cannabis will help. Even without CHS, some people consume it without staying hydrated. On the other hand, other people believe that cannabis dehydrates them.

Staying Hydrated Before And After Cannabis Use

To prevent excess dry mouth, you should stay hydrated before and after consuming cannabis. On the occurrence of dry mouth, don’t chug huge glasses of water to quench what seems like thirst. Instead, take small sips of water at small intervals.

Keep yourself hydrated with healthy fluids before and after consuming cannabis. Don’t drink alcohol, it will only worsen how you feel. Furthermore, don’t consume sugary beverages like soft drinks either. Healthy fresh juices, and water are the best options.

In brief, staying hydrated helps with:

  • Reducing the effects of the hangover
  • Combating the troublesome dry mouth feeling
  • Relieving yourself of headaches
  • Hydrating to prevent fluid loss through diarrhea

Sum Up

Cannabis doesn’t dehydrate you. It only makes your mouth dry which makes you feel thirsty. However, cannabis does cause diarrhea, may cause vomiting, and has diuretic properties. Therefore, staying hydrated before and after consuming weed is crucial.


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