FDA To Hold Hearing Regarding CBD On Friday


Cannabidiol or CBD has a lot of confusion surrounding it. The substance, which is driven from the hemp plant, offers a wide array of health benefits but both officials and the general public don’t seem to be very sure about it. This is why the Food and Drug Administration is set to hold a hearing this Friday, May 31.

The purpose of the event would be for the FDA to expand its knowledge when it comes to cannabidiol and clear the confusion that surrounds the compound. As per the previous FDA commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, MD, though interest in CBD has grown substantially the confusion that buzzes around it has also increased.

“Stakeholders are looking to the FDA for clarity on how our authorities apply to such products, what pathways are available to market such products lawfully under these authorities, and how the FDA is carrying out its responsibility to protect public health and safety with respect to such products,” Gottlieb had said when he was the commissioner.

Cannabidiol has been shown by studies to have great potential when it comes to putting an end to pains and aches by curbing inflammation. It has also shown to improve the sleep, and mood of users. Patients of epilepsy, ADHD, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety, and several other ailments may be able to benefit from this compound.

But can this marijuana sourced ingredient be called legal? The views of the state and federal governments don’t align here which is what has caused further confusion. This has led companies to paste on inadequate labels on products and users to be unaware of whether or not they can use hemp products.

Basically, cannabidiol comes from the same plant that THC does. Now while it doesn’t have any psychoactive properties, THC does and there can always be some of this addictive substance in CBD products. In a press release, Gottlieb said that Friday’s hearing will bring data from many areas to the fore. It will discuss the health risks associated with taking a high dosage of CBD which doesn’t go with the guidelines of FDA or which is taken without a medical professional’s nod of approval.

Moreover, the hearing is also going to seek information regarding whether cannabidiol can be added to foods without them going through a drug approval process. If the FDA allows, the CBD industry can experience a further boon than it already is experiencing. One thing can be said with certainty; the Food and Drug Administration is taking its time in accepting the drug.

Currently, all sorts of claims are being made about CBD products. Some marketers showcase their CBD products as miracles that can banish any health concern from pain in the back to cancer even though not much research is exhibited or has even been conducted for making such claims. FDA’s hearing which will be carried out this Friday will let marketers know what type and to what extent claims can be made lawfully.


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