How Long Does Cannabis Stay In Your Body?


Did you smoke pot only to get selected for a job interview and are now worrying about a drug test detecting the plant in your system? Unfortunately, you should be worried. It takes quite a while for cannabis to leave your body. However, the time that weed may take to get out of your system is not fixed. Rather, it depends on a couple of factors.

Science and experts agree that the herb typically takes a month to clear out from your body. It may take up to three months, however. Those who have only used it once or do so rarely, have it out of their body in minimum three days. For regular users though, it takes ten days for cannabinoids to move out.

Why Does Cannabis Stay In Your Body For So Long?

The cannabinoids found in the herb are fat-soluble lipids, not water-soluble. This means that they, including tetrahydrocannabinol, get accumulated in your fat cells. Slowly, as the fats are burned, collected cannabinoids are released into the bloodstream. As the body processes cannabinoids, it creates their derivatives such as metabolites. These are excreted from the body through urine, stool, and the process of fat burning.

Factors That Influence How Long Cannabis Is Going To Stay In Your Body

There are certain factors which impact how long cannabis may stay in your system. These include the following:

1 – Body Composition

As explained above, cannabinoids get stored in your fat tissue. People who carry more fat are likely to store cannabinoids for longer.

2 – Amount Consumed

Next up, the amount of cannabis you ingest also counts. The more you consume, the longer cannabis is going to reside in your system.

3 – Frequency Of Consumption

How often you consume cannabis is yet another factor that chips in. Again, the higher your consumption frequency, the longer the time cannabinoids stay in your body.

How To Flush Out Cannabis From Your Body?

There are a few ways you can encourage the flushing out of cannabinoids from your body faster. Here’s a look at these:

1 – Exercise

Among the many other benefits that exercise provides, one is that it boosts metabolic activity. By doing so, it promotes better fat burning. As fat is burned faster, cannabinoids stored in it are also take out from the system. First, the cannabis metabolites are released into the bloodstream after which they are eliminated.

2 – Hydration

Staying hydrated, however not overhydrated, can be of great help in decreasing cannabis metabolites as they are naturally excreted from the body. However, don’t drink too much water as it can dilute urine and give an inaccurate urinalysis result.

3 – Fiber

A diet high in fiber is also helpful in detoxing fiber from the system. This is because fiber improves digestion. With pears, apples, and citrus fruits a part of your diet, cannabis gets digested faster and is excreted from your system.


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