Is CBD The Miracle Cure Many Believe It To Be?


CBD has proven one thing, that day by day its popularity is only going to rise – at least, for the next couple of years. advertisers claim that cannabidiol can miraculously relieve chronic pain whether it arises from arthritis, neuropathy or epilepsy.

And that’s not the only benefit that is associated to CBD. In fact, it is said that cannabidiol can inhibit cancer growth, be a solution to migraines as well as calm seizures. The natural drug also lowers blood pressure and can help with multiple neurological ailments. So, is CBD the miracle cure that many believe it to be or is it just another scam riding the highest wave of wellness trends?

Some Science Is On CBD’s Side

There are quite a few research works on the potential of CBD. These are proof that the substance can actually help with a lot of health conditions. The wonder drug has been shown by science to be a natural treatment option for mood disorders, sleep problems, and various kinds of pain. In fact, some research also shows that the hemp component can help with addiction.

Those who are addicts of alcohol, opioids, and even smoking may be able to break their habits with the help of CBD. Its pain relief properties are so strong that some experts suggest that it can be a great replacement for opioids considering those can be very dangerous.

But More Research Is Needed

Research on CBD is still in its earliest stages. Furthermore, most studies are on animals. Clearly there is a need for more evidence in support of CBD so that authorities can be persuaded that its addition is not problematic.

Reviews Do Seem Promising

Interestingly, people are completely in favor of CBD. Though not many long-term cases have spoken up about CBD’s effects, you can notice in the online world there are countless positive opinions regarding this drug.

Whether we’re talking about CBD topical creams, oils or tinctures, a single Google search will bring to you several reviews from satisfied customers. For this reason, CBD’s advocate pool is only expanding.

The FDA Is Not In Favor

While the Food and Drug Administration has approved a CBD-based drug for a rare kind of epilepsy, it is not quite convinced. In fact, federal officials think that there can be several negative side effects of CBD that people are unaware of.

What’s even more worrying is that most CBD companies are mislabeling their products and selling low quality ones. This makes buying CBD from reliable sellers very challenging.

There are negative side effects too

CBD is not completely magical without any cons. Rather some common side effects associated to its use include diarrhea, nausea, and cotton mouth among others. One study published in the journal Molecules found that CBD can cause liver damage.

Sum up thoughts

Cannabidiol sure has a lot of benefits and positive reviews. It also has a good amount of scientific evidence backing it. However, the FDA has not approved CBD in the United States. Furthermore, CBD does have negative side effects. So while it cannot be called a miracle cure just yet, cannabidiol is surely a promising plant compound.


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