Latest Study: Cannabis Extract Can Help Alleviate Cannabis Addiction


Weed is a soft drug which is not typically labelled as addictive. Yet, up to 30% of the people who smoke cannabis may become dependent on it. Of these, 9% have higher odds of addiction according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse.

Previous researches show that Sativex, a compound with both CBD and THC, can help lower cannabis addiction. Now a new research shows that cannabis extract, which is cannabidiol, may also be helpful in reducing cannabis addiction.

CBD For Cannabis Addiction Treatment

A new study has found that CBD capsules can lower cannabis addiction by half. Scientists presented the study at the New Scientist Live recently. Weed addiction is accompanied by withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, irritability, etc.

Research shows that the number of people experiencing weed addiction is increasing. Along with this, the trend of individuals seeking treatment for the condition has also rose. Val Curran, who was there at the event, said that this was because people have started using a more powerful strain of the drug called skunk.

There are two main cannabinoids in cannabis – THC and CBD. The former has psychoactive properties and it increases anxiety. The latter has calming effects and is known for its many health benefits. CBD, as per previous researches, can buffer the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol.

Diving Into The Research Work

For the purpose of this study, scientists gave participants either cannabis extract or placebo capsules. Researchers gave three different doses of the capsules along with psychological support. The research work involved 82 participants who were severely addicted. The trail continued for four weeks to see if CBD could lower the withdrawal symptoms associated with cannabis addiction.

The study noted that cannabidiol extract helped in comparison with placebo. While the lowest dose didn’t have any effect, the middle dose of 400 milligrams reduced the quantity of cannabis participants used by half after six months. The highest dose, which was of 800 milligrams, was not as effective as the middle one.

The study also found that the middle dose increased the number of days participants didn’t have any THC in their urine by 2x. This is due to cannabis’ strong anti-anxiety and anti-addictive properties. The team is also studying if CBD could be helpful in reducing alcohol addiction. It has found that CBD can help smokers quit as well.

Apart from nicotine and alcohol, CBD may also help alleviate other addictions. A recent American Journal of Psychiatry journal study suggested that CBD can break heroin addiction. Another Neuropsychopharmacology study found that cannabidiol can help with cocaine and alcohol addiction.

Sum Up

A new study says that CBD, the non-psychoactive compound of cannabis, can help reduce addiction to pot smoking. It is very rare of people to experience cannabis addiction, but it is possible. Such addiction comes with withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia and anxiety. The anti-anxiety properties of CBD can also help break alcohol, nicotine, heroin, and cocaine addiction.


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