Moldy Cannabis – How Can You Spot It And How Does It Affect Health?


Mold on cannabis is not uncommon. And consuming moldy cannabis can be harmful for you. Several bacteria, mold, and mildew can be found on the surface of the plant. These include even those bacteria that are typically found in excrement.

The human body also houses several bacteria. However, those strains play a beneficial role. Similarly, cannabis also contains several natural fungicides. Because cannabis has a dense bud, it is likely to get infected by various pathogens.

Most strains of cannabis that are used today are also susceptible to fungal infections. These are problematic not just for the plant but also for its users. Inhaling moldy cannabis makes the fungi go directly into the lungs.

Of the 88 different species of fungi that attack cannabis, the most common are while mold and fusarium. Aspergillus and Cladosporium are also common. Unfortunately, mold can be very resistant. So much so that it can tolerate the effects of heat.

How Does Moldy Cannabis Affect Humans?

Moldy cannabis can be harmful for your health. However, normally a healthy immune system can combat it. But elderly people or those who are ill can suffer at the hands of moldy cannabis. First of all, this mold can cause infections.

Secondly, it can also release mycotoxins which can encourage tumor growth, cause kidney damage, and harm the liver. Repetitive exposure to such toxins can results in lung irritation, asthma, inflammation, cough, allergy, nausea, and vomiting.

The extent of the damage can be such that it can include pulmonary edema, coma, and even death. This is why it is crucial to pay attention to the presence of mold or mildew on cannabis.

Signs That Cannabis Is Moldy

You cannot hold a microscope to the plant and inspect it. But often the mold is also not visible to the naked eye. There are some signs though, that can help you figure if the cannabis is moldy. These include the following:

1 – Change in appearance

Ever noticed white or green molds that form on vegetables? A similar appearance can be noticed on the cannabis herb. You may have to take a close look in a bright light to notice the powdery or hair-like appearance. This mold can be white, black, green, gray or brown.

2 – Change in smell

The smell of cannabis also changes when it is about to catch mold. If your plant smells damp, like a basement, that’s a clear sign that it is going to get moldy. This is because the damp smell indicates that the plant has been in moisture for too long.

3 – Change in form

Normally cannabis becomes crisp, even though sticky, at a humid temperature of 65%. The dried flower is easy to break. If you are unable to break the flower because it is moist then it is likely moldy.


Fungi infections are not uncommon in cannabis plants. You can detect that cannabis is moldy when it smells damp, feels moist and unbreakable or has fuzz on it. Ingesting moldy cannabis can harm a week immune system. It can also be life-threatening.


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