New Study Shows Cannabis Use Is Common Among Arthritis Patients


In 2006, cannabis was first evaluated for its use as a treatment for RA. Then a 2008 review proved that cannabis could be used for pain relief without any negative side effects. Research has showed that cannabidiol gel can effectively reduce join pain and inflammation.

There are other uses of cannabidiol as well. The non-psychoactive agent of cannabis can be used for improving sleep and reducing anxiety. It can also reduce depression and treat epilepsy.

Cannabis For Pain Relief

Not only cannabidiol but tetrahydrocannabinol also has pain relieving properties. While THC has psychoactive properties, when combined with CBD its effects are buffered. Moreover, a formula with both cannabidiol and THC together is more effective.

When it comes to chronic pain in the muscles and joints, topical treatments are more efficient in providing results. This is because they are more bioavailable. This means the formula enters the bloodstream faster and more easily.

Several CBD gels, creams, and lotions are available. People also mix CBD oil in their regular skincare products sometimes for use. Now a new study shows how common cannabis use is among patients of rheumatoid arthritis. It also shows that most users are able to benefit from it immensely.

What Did This Company Reveal?

CreakyJoints, which is an online community for arthritis support, conducted a non-profit survey. This study was part of the Global Healthy Living Foundation. It highlighted how cannabis use is becoming common among patients. The survey questioned 1000 arthritis patients about their cannabis use. Of these, 57% had used cannabis, and 90% found it useful.

Previous studies show that arthritis patients view medical marijuana as an alternative medicine for pain relief. However, this particular study reveals how common the use of medical cannabis is among patients of arthritis. A total of 1,059 individuals participated. They were asked 77 questions results of which were presented at the 2019 Annual European Congress of Rheumatology.

What The Study Found

The questionnaires gave the following conclusions:

  • 46% of participants had a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. 77% of these had poor health
  • Only 29% of the patients were satisfied with their treatment. Among them 67% had been on this treatment for over a year
  • 62% of those among them who used cannabis did so once everyday
  • When purchasing cannabis, 39.8% used a state-issued medical marijuana card
  • Of those who didn’t use this card for marijuana acquisition, 28% didn’t do so because of costs and 25% didn’t do so because of difficulty in accessing it
  • 1% of participants who used medical cannabis said it improved their symptoms
  • 7% of participants who used CBD said it improved their symptoms
  • While 96% of medical cannabis users said it improved their condition
  • 1% of CBD users said that it improved their condition
Key Takeaway

Studies show that medical cannabis can improve chronic pain. It contains THC and CBD which are both effective in this regard. Now a new study has found that it is pretty common of arthritis patients to use cannabis for improving their symptoms and conditions. More than 90% of patients have noticed positive results through marijuana use.


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