Senate rejects the three Tennessee medical cannabis bills


Earlier in the week, on Wednesday, March 10th a Tennessee medical cannabis bill failed on its plan to make an impact in the legislature.

As per reports, the bill which included numerous efforts to expand legal use across Tennessee was debated upon by the Lawmakers. However, the Senate shot down the major piece of legislation pushing the issue.

Two of the three medical cannabis measures proposed were discussed in the Mental Health and Substance Committee, however, both failed to make an impact.

The third measure which would have significantly expanded access to medical marijuana was rolled out to next year by its sponsor, in a bid to reportedly get the bill to another subcommittee.

Reports also state that One of the three bills would permit individuals participating in FDA medical cannabis trials to legally bring their medication back to Tennessee without any hassle. Also, another one of the three bills would have added inflammatory bowel disease and cancer to the list of conditions that are currently covered by the medical marijuana law. The bill remains in motion till April 2020.

And as per a statement was given by Senator Steve Dickerson, he said that he plans to draft a well thought out medical cannabis bill through the legislature which he aims to get signed by the government as soon as possible.

According to Dickerson, he says that cannabis should be termed as medicine and should be available to citizens of Tennessee. And as per reports, Dickerson has future plans of combining all the three medical cannabis bills that were discussed in the legislature on Wednesday, 10th March.


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