Should You Or Should You Not Consume Coffee And Marijuana Together?


The popularity of cannabis is spreading with an increasing moment. Several states have legalized the herb and now people use it both medically and recreationally. With the interest of the masses in weed rising scientists are looking at the benefits and negative side effects of the plant in depth.

They are also testing how pairings of cannabis with different ingredients affect health and wellness. Among the many marijuana-infused edibles and beverages on shelves, one is coffee. Coffee is mixed with the two main, most studied cannabinoids, CBD and THC.

But is it okay for your health to drink coffee with cannabis interlaced? Or consume weed and caffeine at once? Let’s look at this below.

How Does This Combination Make Users Feel?

Cannabis and coffee are a famous pairing these days. But while cannabis can either relax or make users anxious, coffee is a mood booster. So, do these two make you feel wired or tired? Research says they do not cancel out or counteract each other’s effects.

In fact, a 2014 study on animals found that low doses of coffee result in less use of THC. However, higher use of coffee leads to more cravings of weed. At the end of the day though, this research didn’t have human participants.

The effects of mixing these two are entirely different than when each is taken individually. These effects may vary from one person to another. They can also be dependent on factors such as quantity and delivery mode.

Do Coffee And Cannabis Taken Together Impair Memory?

One known negative side effect of their joint consumption is that it can negatively impact memory. One wouldn’t expect this because coffee improves memory and concentration. However, weed doesn’t have a positive influence on working memory.

Unfortunately, both do not cancel one another out. In fact, a study on rats found that when consumed together, THC has a worse effect on memory. Again, this study was not carried out on human participants, nothing can be said with certainty.

Is This Combination Safe?

Not much research has been conducted on this topic. However, there are no serious reported adverse side effects of using coffee and cannabis at once. However, I you do decide to try the combo, be sure to first use them individually to get how they work for you. If you cannot tolerate marijuana too well as it is, mixing the two may not be a smart choice.

If you decide to go ahead with mixing the two stimulants, be sure to start small and go slow. Start by consuming less quantities of the two and give your body time to test out the mix’s effects. If you have anxiety, be wary of taking coffee and cannabis together. That’s because weed may induce anxiety and coffee can cause a racing heart and together both can cause panic.


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