Survey Reveals Women Are Willing To Consider Cannabis Use For Relief From Gynecological Conditions


A study by Miss Grass magazine conducted on Mothers’ Day had found that new mothers used cannabis for a number of reasons. A huge chunk of these women said that they used cannabis for alleviating nausea. Several of these women hid cannabis use from their children, family, and friends due to the stigma attached to pot.

However, some research works have showed that cannabis can harm the development of the fetus. Looking at how the medical marijuana industry is only expanding it doesn’t come off as a surprise that women use it as well. Cannabis is used for the treatment of several medical conditions ranging from chronic pain, and mood disorders to epilepsy, ADHD, Parkinson’s, Arthritis, and more.

Now a new study reveals that women use it for treating conditions that they face in particular such as those attached to childbirth and menstruation. This research digs into how women use cannabis for the treatment of gynecological conditions and what is the attitude of those women who haven’t even used it yet.

What Did This Study Reveal?

A new study by Oregon Health and Science University, Portland which has been published in the Obstetrics and Gynecology journal earlier in May this year has found how women use cannabis for the purpose of improving gynecological health.

This report called “Patterns of and Attitudes Towards Cannabis Use in Women’s Health” recruited 1011 women from all 50 states in America. The women fitted in the age bracket of 19 to 82 with the median age being 37. The majority of them, about 83%, were white females. The participants were made to fill a survey that comprised of 21 questions.

It was found that 63% of the respondents who mentioned that they hadn’t ever used a hemp product were willing to consider it for a gynecological condition. Meanwhile 64% said they had used cannabis with 36% using it for the treatment of pain, anxiety, and depression. From this percentage of women 16% used it for a gynecological condition, the most common being menstrual cramps.

From the women who had used it, 49% mentioned that they would consider it for relieving the pain associated with medical abortion, 47% said that they’d use it for the treatment of surgical abortion pain while 48% said they’d use it for the pain that comes with IUD insertion.

The study found that women could benefit in a number of ways by using cannabis to treat conditions that are specific to them. “Cannabis products are currently being used by women both recreationally and medically. Most women would consider using cannabis to treat gynecologic conditions,” concluded the research.

Key Takeaway

It shouldn’t come off as a surprise that cannabis may be helpful in the treatment of gynecological conditions, for example for the treatment of the pain that is associated to them. Women are willing to use it as well for this purpose, as per what a new survey reveals. This shows that cannabis has far more potential which is waiting to be explored.


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