TrustBo CBD Oil Reviews – Third-Party Tested, Organic CBD Oil?


TrustBo CBD Oil is a high-quality, GMP-certified formula which works effectively toward the end goal of improving your health. The product is highly bioavailable and efficient owing to the presence of phospholipids and its MCT coconut carrier oil.

This formula has been tested by 3rd parties and is also recommended by doctors. You can scan the QR code given at the label of the bottle to be led to a website page that contains the exact lab results of the product.

Other than this, the product comes from a reputable company called Trust Botanicals which is transparent about it processes.

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TrustBo CBD Review

You must have heard of the many of benefits that accompany CBD oil consumption. Cannabidiol has slowly gained the title ‘miracle cure’ because of the many medicinal properties that it boasts. Research shows that CBD can improve your physical as well as mental health.

It even has neurological benefits. While the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t favor CBD oil as of yet, it has approved a CBD-based drug for the treatment of epilepsy. Observational studies as well as an anecdotal evidence favor CBD for being a great agent for relief from anxiety, chronic pain, sleeplessness, addiction, add more.

Now the only problem that remains is which CBD oil you should buy. You see, there are several many scams out there which do not contain the amount of CBD they claim they do and may contain a higher content of THC.

In this regard, you should always choose products which have been tested by a third party and are open about their manufacturing process. Furthermore, for complete effectiveness and praiseworthy the results, you should choose a full spectrum CBD formula.

That being said, one product that has caught attention is TrustBo CBD Oil. This is a high quality CBD oil with a dropper cap that uses MCT coconut carrier oil. Let’s learn more about this particular product in this review.

Defining Qualities Of This Oil

TrustBo CBD Oil seems like a top-class product for many reasons. let’s take a look at its best qualities so that you can decide whether or not you should add it to your routine:

1 – Open about 3rd party results

Not only does the label of this product read that it has been tested by third parties but it also comes with a QR code which you can scan to read the independent lab results of the product from its dedicated website.

Since you can verify the claims of the company and the composition of the product, you know you can easily rely on it.

2 – Certified extraction process

The company uses a high-end extraction method to ensure that the components of the full spectrum formula stay active and intact without the inclusion of any harsh ingredients such as chemicals or other artificial agents.

The company uses a proprietary low-temperature CBD extraction process. Accordingly, it first goes through a dryness process and then a freeze dryness process so that the hemp plant retains its active cannabinoids.

3 – Phospholipid enhancement

Another pro of this formula is that it contains phospholipids which are completely natural. These phospholipids improve the absorbability of this product.

The product is pretty bioavailable as it is because it comes in the form of an oil. Furthermore, since this is a full spectrum formula we’re talking about it is already way more effective than isolate CBD.

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What You Can Expect From CBD For Your Health

CBD oil comes with a number of health benefits. let’s take a quick look at these:

  • A huge number of people take CBD for the purpose of relieving stress healthily. CBD is also anti-anxiety as well as anti-depression.
  • There are many cognitive benefits of using CBD as it improves attention as well as your memory which is quite the opposite of what THC does. 
  • Chronic pain is an issue that a lot of people struggle with. Owing to its strong anti-inflammatory nature, CBD can work to substantially reduce pain and other conditions that arise due to inflammation.
  • Many people take CBD for the purpose of solving their sleep problems as well. A full spectrum formula is especially good at benefitting your sleep.

Likewise, there are other benefits of CBD as well. However, it is important to be informed that there are some mild negative effects as well that accompany CBD use. These include nausea, dry mouth, and diarrhea.

Other Important Features Of This Product

TrustBo CBD Oil is better than most other alternatives out there because it has several features that confirm that it is a worthwhile investment. Following are the features of this oil:

  • From the extraction to the harvesting to the manufacturing, each step takes place in the USA. Even the hemp is grown organically in the US.
  • The 300 MG CBD oil is enough for 40 servings per bottle.
  • The formula does not comprise of any pesticides or herbicides or other sorts of chemicals.
  • It is non-GMO as well as gluten-free and the THC content is less than 0.3%.
  • Last but not least, the oil has a natural mint flavor.

Pricing Of The Product

TrustBo CBD Oil comes in 3 different pricing packages. Check them out here:

  • One bottle of this oil comes for $49
  • You can save 10% and go for the package of 3 bottles in which the price per bottle is down to $42
  • Or you can choose to be more economical and get more bottles in bulk in the 6 bottles’ package. In this deal, you save 20% and get each bottle for $34


TrustBo CBD Oil is a premium formula that uses organic ingredients. The formula is third-party tested and doesn’t comprise of any harmful agents. 

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