UNICEF make arrangements to send generators to hospitals in Venezuela


As more and more supplies are cut off due to growing ongoing political crisis faced by Venezuela, several regions of the country continue to be affected as they are now deprived of drinking water and electricity.

As a response to this fiasco, earlier in the week, UNICEF announced that it has deployed portable generators in a bid to guarantee a supply of electricity to maternity wards and pediatric hospitals.

As per reports, most of UNICEF’s work is being coordinated with the government minister for health.

The first time Venezuela’s crisis began was back in  2010 as the reduced prices of oil caused problems for the country’s economy, which resulted in a lack of basic supplies for a majority of the population. The result of last year’s presidential elections only deepened the crisis even more, as it raised several disputes.

As per reported by the charity UNICEF, it has supplied generators to 7 state-run hospitals with the aim to guarantee sufficient electricity to allow surgeries and births to take place.

Sources close to the matter claim, that these measures will result in a benefit to almost 24,000 children.

Additionally, in a bid to aid another 150,000 people, UNICEF has gone on to increase its supply of vaccines for diseases such as malaria, HIV, measles, and diphtheria.

As most of Venezuela’s infrastructure has been neglected ever since the crisis, it has also gone on to affect the country’s water supply, depriving many areas of a reliable supply of clean water.

As per revealed by UNICEF, the organization states that it has distributed water purification tablets to more than 2,000 families, with a further 4,200 receiving oral rehydration salts as well.


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