Vaping CBD – Why Does It Make You Cough?


People vape cannabidiol for several reasons. The herbal compound has come to be known for its many wellness and health benefits.

Typically, people hold a vape pen with CBD with the purpose of relieving stress. However, if they experience a fit of consistent coughing because of it, the purpose is almost immediately killed.

Many folks also try to show off by making huge smoke clouds when vaping CBD. If you are aiming to get relief from any symptoms through vaping cannabidiol, refrain from doing this. That’s because you’ll degrade the quality of the substance and reduce its effectiveness by overheating it for creating clouds.

But Why Does Vaping CBD Cause Coughing?

For cough due to vaping, don’t blame cannabidiol. Instead, it’s the terpenes in the cannabis plant which cause cough. That’s because these terpenes are very strong and even more so when concentrated.

They have quite a bitter taste which becomes acrider when heated. This means that if you vape CBD isolate, the chances of a coughing fit go from minimal to none.

Furthermore, in some cases the carrier liquid is also the cause of a coughing fit when vaping CBD. In this regard, try milder carrier oils such as MCT oil.

What You Can Do To Relief This Cough

First of all, make sure that you are using a clean vaping pen for the purpose. Secondly, choose your CBD oil wisely as discussed above. Know that as you become more used to vaping CBD, you are less likely to experience coughing. If the coughing fit is awfully troubling but you need to vape CBD as well, you can vape at lower power settings.

You can also have a glass of cold water on the ready beside you when vaping. Another idea is that you can use cough drops before you vape.

Is Vaping CBD Safe?

Several cases of vaping-related illnesses are being noted in the United States. Basically, the lining of the throat and the lungs is very sensitive and the chemicals in cannabis vaping can be harsh. Therefore, if you find yourself getting sick due to vaping, stop it immediately and go for a medical checkup. You can always intake CBD through other methods.

Why Do People Vape CBD?

If vaping is not the safest route of consuming cannabidiol, then why do people do it? Apart from personal preference, vaping CBD is also more effective with higher bioavailability. Why is that so? It’s because cannabidiol doesn’t have to go through your digestive system to interact with the ECS. It directly does its job by getting absorbed in the lungs.

Sum Up

Vaping CBD often comes with cough. However, this cough occurs due to the terpenes and the carrier oil rather than the compound itself. To lower the odds of cough, use a milder carrier oil CBD or CBD isolate.


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