Zenith Labs Sleep Wave – Does It Really Support Healthy Sleep?


Zenith Labs Sleep Wave is a nutrient-enriched dietary supplement which enables healthy sleep. The product resets your circadian rhythm to function properly. This enables you to sleep and wake at the right time and enjoy consistent deep slumber of a better quality. For reaching this goal, the formula contains and encourages the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin.

When your sleep is disturbed you tend to feel fatigued all day long as if you have jetlag. Sleep Wave combats this issue so that your overall health is improved, and you are better able to focus on your personal and professional lives. It is completely natural, and has been formulated in a laboratory that is regularly audited by the Food and Drug Administration, United States.

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zenith labs sleep wave

Zenith Labs Sleep Wave Review

Do you know what sleep deprivation can do to your health? It can adversely affect lipid metabolism. In fact, studies show that lack of sleep has a very negative impact on your cardiovascular health. People who are hypertensive or diabetic are at risk of early mortality if they don’t get enough sleep as per one recent study.

The impacts of sleep loss are evident by the signals your body immediately gives after a night of sleeplessness. You start feeling exhausted with a foggy brain and lack of concentration. However, the short-term effects are nothing compared to the long-term ones which form as a result of regular nights of no sleep. This brings us to the meds that you can take for improving sleep.

There are many sleep-supporting products on the market. However, federal health officials clearly warn against the use of OTC sleep-inducing drugs. Thus, it is crucial to choose safe routes for improving your sleep. Fortunately, there are natural pills for improving sleep duration and quality. One such product comes from the renowned company of Zenith Labs.

It’s called Zenith Labs Sleep Wave. This formula has been made by professionals while sticking to the highest industry standards of quality and purity. The dietary supplement contains 10 natural nutrients which work to improve your overall sleep. Not only are you able to fall asleep faster, but you get better, uninterrupted REM sleep.

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How Does Zenith Labs Sleep Wave Work?

To understand how this product works, you first need to know what your body’s circadian rhythm is. Basically, the circadian rhythm is the brain’s process of knowing when it’s night and when it is morning time. This rhythm is what naturally lures you into a healthy sleep at night to wake you up when the sun’s out. Thanks to this rhythm, your body releases sleep hormones at night.

It enables you to quickly fall into a restful, consistent sleep. Sometimes this circadian rhythm goes berserk. This makes your sleep hormones get released at incorrect timings so your active brain waves are in function at night while there should actually be slow waves. Even if you do manage to sleep somewhat at night this is a poor-quality interrupted sleep.

Sleep Wave by Zenith Labs works toward the end of righting your circadian rhythm. It contains herbs and minerals that make your circadian rhythm healthy. The doctor formulated supplement allows you to get refreshing sleep which rejuvenates you. As you regularly get proper sleep, your health is positively impacted. 


There are several amazing qualities that assure this product can effectively do its job. These features stamp at this product’s reliability as well. Take a look at the features that make this product seem worthwhile:

1 – Natural

The formula includes only natural ingredients. There are 10 minerals and herbs in the composition that work toward the end of improving sleep.

2 – Safe

This product is free of chemicals or any ingredients which have the potential to immediately or eventually damage health. Therefore, the formula is completely safe. There are no reported negative side effects of use.

3 – Quality

Formulated in a facility which is regularly audited by the FDA, this product’s quality is also great. Moreover, the product is of the purest and highest standards.

4 – Convenience

Another perk that makes this product preferable is that it is easy to use. The pills are easily swallowed. You just have to remember to take them regularly, as per the guidelines. Take two with water every night before bedtime.

5 – Reliable

This product comes from a well-known company called Zenith Labs. Many other products of this company are also available and praised for their effectiveness. The person behind this product is Dr. Ryan Shelton.

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Zenith Labs Sleep Wave Ingredients

Sleep Wave pills, as mentioned, are packed with healthy nutrients that encourage better sleep. No harmful ingredients are added and hence, no nasty side effects accompany. Sleep Wave by Zenith Labs combines the following natural ingredients to give you results quickly:

  • Valerian root
  • Jujube fruit extract
  • Chamomile
  • Skullcap
  • Hops flower powder
  • Wild lettuce
  • Melatonin
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • L-theanine

Pricing, Bonuses, Refund

Currently Sleep Wave is coming as part of an amazing discounted deal. One bottle comes for $49 and brings along two bottles for free! This means you get to save $188. Additionally, there are also some bonuses. First is the 4 Methods to Fall Asleep Quick pdf guide. And secondly there is the Healthy Sleep Masterclass which is a 5-part video series.

Both valuable digital products come for entirely free with this supplement. You do have to pay for shipping which costs you $19.95. To make the purchase risk-free, the company offers a long and solid money back guarantee. According to this policy, if you do not like the product feel free to return it and get your cash back.

Should You Buy Zenith Labs Sleep Wave?

Zenith Labs Sleep Wave is a natural product that can help improve your sleep. With it, you don’t have to worry about adverse side effects of use on your health. The formula is of a high quality. It aims to support a healthy circadian rhythm. Coming from a dependable and known manufacturer, you can expect this product to show results.

zenith labs sleep wave


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