Zoom Wellness Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews – All You Need To Know


Zoom Wellness Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Understanding blood pressure is more difficult than it seems. Experts are locating serious problems that they did not even surmise at first. With new information surfacing all the time, adapting the solutions is imperative. Without this, it is impossible to reach a solution that is all-encompassing. One new methodology that has garnered public interest is Zoom Wellness Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor.

zoom wellness wrist blood pressure monitor

This is a powerful new solution to control and monitor blood pressure.  The American Heart Association and many other health organizations all recommend one practice. This is to monitor one’s heart rate at a regular rate. One can even use home blood pressure monitors for this.

It is only through consistently making sure that one’s blood pressure it at an ideal rate that they can avoid any lapses in healthiness. However, most monitors are expensive and difficult to use. This is why Zoom Wellness set out to create the ultimate solution to this problem. Their new blood pressure monitor is wearable. It easily fits onto one’s wrist and provides accurate and detailed blood pressure recordings. Using accu-color technology, this wrist watch allows users to remain up to date with their latest heart updates.

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is designed as the proper solution to remain vigilant. No one has the time to constantly visit their doctor every day. And traditional methods of checking blood pressure at home are too inconvenient. This is why the Zoom Wellness Wristwatch is becoming the next big thing for all blood pressure patients. It provides users with:

  • Knowledge of their blood pressure at any time of day
  • A portable option that is wearable
  • The ability to enjoy their day and remain worry-free
  • Freedom from tiring and exhausting visits to the doctor
  • The option to act quickly if there is any problematic reading with their heart rate

How Does Zoom Wellness Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Work?

The wrist blood pressure monitor by Zoom Wellness might seem convoluted at first, but it is designed as a simple solution. In fact, it works with a simple click of a button. Users can enjoy ultra-precise readings with it, in a matter of mere seconds.

Zoom Wellness have taken extra good care in ensuring that users are provided with accurate readings. Researches indicate that users who check their readings more often are able to keep their blood pressure under control. The correlation between these two factors is no mere coincidence. Acting quickly and vigilantly is the only proper way to remain on top of the core problems of blood pressure.

What Features Does Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Come With?

This seemingly simple device does offer users with an abundance of features. While it is not convoluted to use, it is definitely one of the more diverse options in the market. The following are some of the core features that users will receive:

  • Uses Accu-Color Technology

Accu-color technology allows users to see their readings via simple color system.  This color system follows the rules and regulations set up by the World Health Organization

  • Provides Automatic Readings

The Latex Free Comfort Cuff Monitor provides an automatic reading that is available within just 30 seconds. It solves the problem of constant pumping that is seen with regular monitoring methods.

  • Irregular Heart Beat Indication

Irregular or unstable heartbeats are indicated quickly. Users can thus remain active and properly deal with the problem before it arises.

  • Stores Up to 120 Readings

Up to two people can recall their last 60 readings quickly and easily with the in-built memory function. Everything from time and date stamps get saved. Through this recording becomes a simple task.

  • Comfortable and Portable Size

The circumference of the cuff is 5.3 to 8.5 inches (13.5 to 21.5 cm). This size is a proper fit for the vast majority of the people. The compact and portable nature of the device makes it easily transportable. Anyone can take it on the go and keep it handy. Being durable ensures that it will not break easily either.  It comes with 2 Triple-A batteries included, so users can expect a long running time.

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor – Free Gifts

Dr. Ryan Shelton, the mind behind this product provides his customers with 3 bonus gifts. This is his way of saying thank you for buying the product. Each gift offers something unique.

  1. 22 Delicious Meals for Healthy Blood Pressure. This is the first gift and is a bonus e-book that lists 22 meals that everyone should consider eating. These regular blood pressure and are a must for anyone suffering from the ailment.
  2. 17 Super Smoothies for Healthy Blood Pressure. Much like the first gift, this details certain smoothies that blood pressure patients should try. It is a unique option that is free.
  3. 5 Pillars of Healthy Blood Pressure. This is a massive and in-depth look into the ways through which a person can attain healthy blood pressure. It details everything that a person must do and the ways they can achieve ultimate health. The market price of this product is as much as $129. But users of this wrist monitor get it for free.

Pros of Using This Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

  • FDA Approved: This monitor has received FDA approval. Many experts have recommended it and made suggest their patients to use it.
  • Comes with a 60-Day Guarantee: Their website says that anyone not pleased with this monitor can keep it, and even get their money back. This is a rock-solid guarantee that even allows one to keep the product. Not many companies go that far but it shows their credibility.
  • Comes in Many Packages: Users can choose to buy more than one monitor if they wish. While one is enough for a single person, additional ones come at reduced prices.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Zoom Wellness Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is one of the most unique ways to track one’s blood pressure. It offers a great solution to a regular problem. For this reason, it is worth a try. Their official website has pricing information as well as real testimonials from past users.


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