$2 billion merger between Western Connecticut Health Network and N.Y. hospitals finally receives approval


Earlier in the week, the health network that runs Norwalk, New Milford, and Danbury hospitals have announced the completion of a deal with a four-hospital group in New York to form a medical system that extends right from the Hudson River to the Long Island Sound.

As per a press release, the $2.4 medical system, known as Nuvance Health which serves approximately 1.5 million patients with 2,600 physicians and 12,000 employees finally got the deal with a four-hospital group based out of New York approved.

Speaking about the deal, the CEO of Nuvance, Dr. John Murphy stated, “Although large-scale layoffs are likely to be redundant positions at the department head level, they are not exactly planned.”

As per published in a prepared statement on Tuesday, April 2nd, “Through the new integrated health system, we will be able to attract top clinical talent in order to provide even more advanced, compassionate and collaborative care.”

The decision was agreed upon by all the top executive of the four-hospital group.

According to the president of Nuvance, Robert Friedberg, “By coming together, we will bring our communities more health care options through new programs and services, particularly to help effectively manage chronic conditions and prevent disease.”

The merger, which was announced back in the previous year, is reportedly placed under single ownership Connecticut hospitals in New Milford, Sharon, Danbury, Norwalk, and New York hospitals in Rhinebeck, Poughkeepsie, and Carmel.

However, as per reports, for the merger to be a success, it would require the approval from the state attorneys general in Connecticut and New York, the health departments as well as the Federal Trade Commission.


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