New Jersey puts a halt on training police dogs to sniff out marijuana


On Thursday, April 4th, New Jersey officials announced that it will be halting the training of state police dogs to sniff out the pot.

As per reports, on Thursday, April 4th, Attorney General Gurbir Grewal informed lawmakers that police were left with no choice but to stop the training of state police dogs to detect the odor of burnt cannabis due to a pending proposal to legalize recreational marijuana.

According to Gurbir Grewal, the Attorney General, “dogs are already trained to detect the scent and their services could be used in other settings where marijuana would be prohibited such as in schools and jails.”

Grewal further added, “it is possible to train the dogs to detect marijuana in the future if needed, however, it is impossible to “un-train” dogs who already recognize the odor.”

After being questioned by a lawmaker who asked how police dogs would be affected if recreational weed becomes legal, Grewal went on to issue a statement at an Assembly budget hearing.

As per reports, provided that the proposal goes forward, New Jersey would become the 11th state with legalized recreational weed.


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