4 Reasons Why Staying Hydrated After Consuming Cannabis Is Essential


Water plays a major role in maintaining your health. It boosts energy, immunity, blood circulation, and cognitive working. Everyone must ensure that he gets an ample amount of water. This stands especially important if you are a cannabis consumer. Wondering why? Here are 4 reasons why staying hydrated after consuming cannabis is a good idea:

1 – It can help with the dry mouth side effect

CBD may have a lot of benefits for your health packed in its arsenal but one unavoidable negative side effect that accompanies is a dry mouth. Drinking water wouldn’t immediately relieve you of a cottonmouth. However, being dehydrated as well as having a dry mouth can be even tougher.

While you can and should drink water, don’t indulge in any sugary drinks or beverages that contain tannins. Also avoid spicy food. But you can eat juicy fruits or gum that is sugar-free. This is allowed and can be helpful.

2 – It can help with diarrhea because of cannabis

Some people also experience diarrhea after vaping. This is an unpleasant side effect that can leave you quickly dehydrated. To avoid multiple bathroom trips and resulting weakness, you can keep yourself hydrated.

Not everyone who consumes CBD struggles with this negative side effect but there are many cases in which people do. If you always get diarrhea because of using cannabis, consult your medical professional. Be careful and eat healthy plus dose your weed properly to avoid diarrhea.

3 – It can help deal with cannabis’ diuretic effects

Like caffeine, cannabis too has a slightly diuretic effect. It can make you pee more as it impacts your adrenal system. Though its diuretic properties aren’t as strong compared to alcohol, keeping hydrated can be helpful. Since you are excreting liquid, it is a good idea to consume it too.

Think you’ll forget that you need to increase the quantity of water you drink? Keep a water bottle at your side at all times. Staying more hydrated will keep you feeling comfortable. Since cannabis doesn’t cause you to pee that much, you will be able to counter its diuretic properties pretty well.

4 – It can help prevent headaches

Vaping can either beat or cause a headache. This depends on the type of weed you smoke. A headache can keep you from enjoying your experience. It can also become an obstacle between you and the tasks you have to complete.

Air goes in when you vape with the flower which means headaches can occur. To kick this nasty side effect, you can drink water. Staying hydrated can assist in getting rid of any and all types of headaches from minor throbbing in your head to migraines.


Staying hydrated should be your priority whether or not you vape. However, if you are a cannabis consumer, you need water a bit more than the average person. This is because water consumption ensures that you don’t feel uncomfortable. It can help by relieving or making your dry mouth better. It can also prevent headaches, ease diarrhea, and combat the plant’s diuretic effects.


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