4 Times When You Should Stay Away From Weed


When we’re talking about weed or pot, we’re discussing marijuana. Marijuana comes from the cannabis family and is a brother species to hemp. The difference lies in the cannabinoid profile of the two plants. This is what differentiates them in their medical usage and legal status.

Like hemp, there are many medicinal uses of weed. However, it also has some serious negative side effects which make it harmful. Hemp, which comprises of more CBD and less THC, is legal as per most state laws and on a federal level as well. On the contrary, marijuana is disapproved by federal authorities and only some states condone of its medical and recreational use.

The reason? Its high tetrahydrocannabinol content gives it some adverse effects. The most prominent and instant one being its psychotropic nature and effect on cognition. If you are an avid pot smoker who is allowed by his state laws to use weed, there are still moments you should strictly avoid using it.

Wondering what these are? Here are 4 times you should maintain your distance from pot:

1 – When you have to drive

Do you know several teen drivers have been involved in road accidents because of being high on weed? THC in marijuana impairs cognitive and executive abilities including motor, balance, and coordination skills. Driving after smoking pot is also illegal. Hence, don’t do weed if you have to drive in the next few hours until its effects don’t wear off.

2 – When you have to give a job interview

Another time when it is best to keep away from weed is when you have a job interview in a few hours. You see, several employers test your blood for the presence of intoxicants like THC. By using cannabis prior to such an interview, you are substantially lowering your chances of getting the job. No one wants to hire a stoner after all.

3 – When you have to travel

Travelling with weed or under the influence of weed may get you in trouble at the airport. Even if your state or country allows the use of cannabis, there is a huge chance that where you are flying off to doesn’t. Such a blunder could result in prison time or hefty charges which is why it is best to not smoke weed prior to traveling.

4 – Before a presentation

Giving a seminar? Prepping for an exam? At all these times you need to keep your distance from weed. The reason behind this – marijuana can induce anxiety. Some studies show that it can even cause schizophrenia. THC can cause hallucinations as well. If you already have anxiety then its even more important to not smoke pot.

So, these were some situations in which you should religiously avoid pot use. Which other times do you think the substance must be avoided at all costs?


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