5 Factors That Determine What Dosage Of CBD You Should Take


From chronic pain to the treatment of epilepsy and mental disorders, CBD has many uses. However, with fluctuating governmental regulations and lack of research, many are unaware of what dose of CBD they should take. Generally, people take one to two servings of 10 to 40 mg of full spectrum cannabidiol. However, some may require higher amounts.

If you are just starting out with CBD though, know that beginning with a low dose is best. Then, you can gradually increase your CBD dosage as per your needs. There are several factors that determine how much of a CBD dose you should take. Wondering what these are? Here are five factors that determine what CBD dosage you should use:

1 – The condition of your health

There are two kinds of people who use CBD for medical purposes. The first is the kind of people who want to generally improve their overall health. The second sort are those want relief from particular symptoms.

If you fit in the former category, then you may not require a very high dosage of cannabidiol. However, if you are the latter type then what CBD dosage you require depends on the severity of your symptoms.

2 – The delivery mode of your choice

The method of consuming cannabis you pick also determines how much of it you need for experiencing benefits. Some delivery modes are more bioavailable than others. Bioavailability refers to the amount of a product that actually reaches your bloodstream after passing through other barriers.

CBD oils and sublingual strips boast a good bioavailability. The same can be said about vaping the cannabinoid. However, CBD edibles and capsules have comparatively weaker effects.

3 – The type of product you go for

You can either go for a CBD isolate product or one that is full spectrum. Full spectrum CBD products are more potent because they have a synergistic effect. This is because they contain other active cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and essentials oils in addition with CBD.

Therefore, if you use a CBD isolate product you’ll need a higher dose to reach the same effects that a full spectrum product’s dose can give you.

4 – The concentration of your CBD

The concentration of cannabidiol in a product also chips in how much of it you would require. For instance, one CBD oil may actually contain only 0.5 mg of the compound. Whereas another may have 5 mg CBD in the oil. Similarly, different CBD products come with different strengths of CBD.

5 – Your own body chemistry and weight

Last but not the least, your body chemistry and weight also play a part in what dosage of a CBD product you may need. Someone who weighs more may need a higher concentration of CBD. Furthermore, how you should dose your CBD also depends on your tolerance for it.

Some people have a sensitive endocannabinoid system which means they don’t need too much CBD for effects to show. Others don’t have a less responsive ECS which means they may require a higher CBD dosage.


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